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OXO Good Grips Binder Clips


OXO Good Grips Small Binder Clips

I think we all familiar with the OXO Good Grips brand, for their innovative products, so naturally their entry into the office supplies category was something that I was excited about a few months ago when I first saw their products.  When I stopped at Staples recently, I saw the OXO Good Grips display of products that were specially designed for Staples.  I decided to grab some of the OXO Good Grips Binder Clips to try out and review.


OXO Good Grips brand binder clips with rubberized grips in size small

As a person who loves office supplies, it is always exciting to get to check out a new kind or style of binder clip, and especially when it comes from a brand like OXO who is known for their innovative, stylish, and above all comfortable to use designs.  This 8 pack of OXO Good Grips™ Small Binder Clips was on display at my local Staples, along with a host of other nice looking office supplies from them.   The thing that I noticed about these first was how the rubber grip part not only covered the levers on the binder clips, but also covered the empty space typically found in the center of the levers.


The evolution of comfort (from left to right) in binder clips

The first binder clip you see on the left above is the bare bones original version with a simple metal lever to pry the jaws open and clip onto your paper.  Pretty much a barbaric contraption as far as your finger tips were concerned, all the pressure in the world concentrated in a small thin area across your finger tips…not good.  Eventually came the binder clips with some rubber coating (center of above photo) to soften the pressure on your finger tips, but you still found yourself with an inordinate amount of pressure concentrated on a very thin line along your finger tips, which was better but not great.  Enter OXO Good Grips binder clips.  By taking the simple step of creating a rubberized grip that creates a solid flat surface of rubber coating to evenly distribute the pressure across your girly over worked finger tips, OXO Good Grips has created a binder clip that even with repeated use drastically reduces the pressure and pain that can sometimes be associated with using binder clips.


Size comparison of the OXO Good Grips Binder Clip to a Standard Binder Clip

In the above photo you can see the comparison between the OXO Good Grips binder clips and the standard version.  Both binder clips are labeled as “small” in size, and appear to be of the exact same size for the part that latches onto the paper.  The only difference here is in size with the arms that you use as the levers to open the binder clip.  The OXO brand binder clip has slightly shorter, but wider levers that taper outwards and larger as you move away from the body of the clip.  I think this wider end to the lever on the binder clip also contribute to an easier and more comfortable way to open the clip.

I think these binder clips are definitely worth a shot for you if you are looking for something a little more comfortable, and sure, just a little bit different looking, because I think these even have a nicer look to them.  The full rubber grips seem to give the OXO Brand binder clip a more finished and clean look than the standard ones.  Also, dont forget to check out the
OXO Good Grips™ Medium Binder Clips and Staples.com for the full line of OXO Brand office supplies at their website.

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