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OXO Good Grips Retractable Highlighters


OXO Good Grips Highlighters from Staples

About a month ago I reviewed the OXO Good Grips Retractable ballpoint pens that are sold exclusively at Staples, and while they functioned as expected I wasn’t as impressed with them as I usually am with other OXO Good Grips products.  With that in mind, I thought it was finally time to review the
OXO GOOD GRIPS™ Retractable Highlighters


Closeup of the OXO Good Grips Highlighters

These highlighters come in 3 packs at your local Staples in either all yellow, or a mix of pink, green, and yellow.  Either of those two options will cost you about $7 for the three.  The first thing I noticed about these was their sturdy construction, which is good news for students who might toss these into a bag, or for anyone else who mgith be hard on their highlighters and office supplies.  They are made from a very hard plastic and there is a very solid responsive feeling you will notice when you twist the body to extend or retract the tip.  The bottom half of these highlighters has the same smooth and rubbery grip as the OXO Good Grips ballpoint pens, which makes for a comfortable writing experience.

One thing that surprised me about these was the clip.  Based on how rigid the plastic is, I wasn’t sure if they would be able to clip onto a stack of paper and hold on well, however they proved me wrong and held snugly to the stacks of paper I tried it out on.


OXO Good Grips Highlighters Writing Sample

When I tested out the highlighter I was impressed with the nice bright color line that the tip laid down.  It didnt bleed through to the other side of the paper, nor did it smear the ink that I wrote over with it.  All around the performance of these highlighters and the sturdy construction are reflective of the quality I would expect from the OXO Good Grips Office Supplies line.

The one thing that I am still surprised by though is the same thing that I was surprised to see on the ballpoints, which is that there is a missing “wow factor” with these.  I just feel that although the smooth rubbery grip is in fact comfortable, its just not the cushy, and unique style that I’ve come to expect from the OXO Good Grips brand.  I just would have expected a more cushy grip, similar to the gel type grips that you see on other pens.  All in all though, this does seem like a great quality highlighter that should meet the demanding requirements of any student or serious note taker, so check them out at your local Staples, or at Staples.com.

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