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Packing machine which on the big social stage

  • By machinechina machinechina
  • Published 10/8/2011

The development of packaging machinery is social think progress, this shows that the importance of packaging machinery, it replaced the traditional mechanical model, save the labor force, improve the effectiveness of the work, it’s enough to make packaging machinery industry on social play stage, make it have a better and faster development space. With China’s national economy, the rapid and healthy development of China’s BaoZhuangGong has already become a promising industry, will have broad market space. The urbanization rate will increase from the current 39.1% to 60% in 2020. The average urban residents will increase by 1%, from the current 502 million to increase in 2020 to 900 million people or so; The national urban agglomeration from the current major three increased by 10 several, distribution will also be more reasonable. 2001 Nobel economic prize for one of the China’s urbanization and the SiDiGeLiCi American high-tech and listed as 21 century human development process of two key factors, and that the new century for China at the top of the challenges and opportunities is urbanization. The comprehensive construction well-off society’s grand goal–the economy more developed, the democracy more perfect, science and technology more advanced, culture more prosperous, the society more harmonious, people’s living healthier, and it is with the person this, people and harmonious development of economy society for the 21 st century packaging industry development put forward higher request, also brought new opportunities for development. Along with the development of the construction of China’s urbanization, dairy and beverage industry in recent years has become China’s most one of the growth of the industry, as the people to the health the pay more attention to the milk drinks, and the related products packaging product varieties are endless. At the same time, aseptic filling technology, beer, milk SuPing PET packing and so on the technology is being more and more manufacturers have valued and adoption. All kinds of packaging machinery will have their own big market big stage, there is also a good development prospect! The author enjoys collecting packing machine .would suggest you to find good quality food packing at http://www.boevan.com/


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