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Paper fastner reviews


These Utility Task Clips that the folks over at Knock Knock sent over for me to look at (and for you to win in the giveaway) look like they could be a helpful tool for organizing, even slightly more helpful than regular binder clips that have no printing or color coding on them.  I think that binder clips are probably some of the most frequently used office supplies, so naturally people have taken great effort to spruce them up and/or add extra … [Read more…]


The other day I got a nice little Christmas gift from my friends at JetPens.  I have seen the animal and the Christmas shaped Midori D-Clips (paper clips) on the JetPens website before, and thought that lots of people here would probably be happy to get to see them up close and reviewed. The clips come in a small plastic box that slides open to reveal a total of 15 clips, you get 5 red Santa clips, 5 green Christmas tree clips, and 5 silver snowman … [Read more…]


I think we all familiar with the OXO Good Grips brand, for their innovative products, so naturally their entry into the office supplies category was something that I was excited about a few months ago when I first saw their products.  When I stopped at Staples recently, I saw the OXO Good Grips display of products that were specially designed for Staples.  I decided to grab some of the OXO Good Grips Binder Clips to try out and review. … [Read more…]


    UPDATE: Where to buy the jumbo binder clip: -Jumbo binder clip here here on Amazon.com -Also, you can also get the jumbo binder clip in white from Poppin. These seem to be a very popular item.  I’ve watched them go in and out of stock frequently over the last year, so I would suggest ordering from one of these three places as soon as you recognize the need.  If not, you may be in for a wait before they are stocking them again. We … [Read more…]


Im trying to mix things up a little bit so we will be taking a break from the usual office supplies such as pens and notebooks, to take a look at the Made by Humans Staple Free Stapler.  I picked this up on my trip to Boston when I stopped at a great little store called Black Ink with lots of office supplies and stationery type items.  I forgot to mention this store on my Office Supply Geek’s Tour of Boston post, so Ill have to update that one to include … [Read more…]


Recently Steve Leveen, the CEO of Levenger sent out an email that had a link to my review of the Levenger Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook – 2009 Planner, so I thought it would be nice to review another Levenger product since there might be some new readers here who are likely fans of Levenger products.  Levenger Clippies are basically a Levenger product that attempts to improve upon the basic binder clip, which as we saw recently there have been … [Read more…]


The Uniball Paper Clipper is a unique item in the sense that it is a Uniball branded product that is not a writing implment, but rather a system for fastening sheets of paper.  The easiest way to describe this is that it seems to serve the same purpose as your standard binder clip.   The medium size version that I have here is suited to bind up to 40 pages, while there is also a small and large verison which bind 60 and 15 pages respectively.  When I saw … [Read more…]


I can clearly remember the first time I got a Levenger Catalog, and saw the Levenger Page Points, (now called Levenger Page Nibs via Amazon and Levenger) and I thought to myself “Wow, $10 for some fancy bookmarks? That’s crazy!” I shortly forgot about them and went on with my business of shopping for accessories for my Circa notebook and who knows what else. It was not until a few weeks later that I realized how short sighted I was being.  In this post I … [Read more…]


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