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Paper Mate Clearpoint Mix and Match


Conceptually, the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mix and Match (via Amazon) seemed like an interesting idea when I saw it in pictures online.  Because I generally avoid pencils except for my Uniball Kuru Toga I really didn’t have high expectations for this offering from Paper Mate.

Inside the package of the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mix and Match there is one main pen body with a white extra large eraser and a few leads pre-loaded.  Additionally there are 4 other top clip sections and 4 other colored extra large erasers.  The idea here is that you can swap out the components for a nice mix and match experience.


The caps on these swap pretty easily, and you can see in the picture above that there is a simple slot that the clip section just slips into.  It goes in and out very easily, but also feels pretty firm once it is actually in there.


One thing to be pointed out that is important here though is that the pink you see for the grip section, the and the lead advance side push button are not interchangeable.


Once you start swapping out the colors and trying different combinations, you can see the major fault of the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mix and Match.  That major fault in my mind is that the name is very misleading.  While you can certainly mix the parts, not a damn thing about this monstrosity that even comes close to how I would define the word match.


Writing with the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mix and Match 0.7mm wasn’t a great experience either.  The pencil has some annoying clicks and rattles that accompany it as you write.  Although the erasers are really nice and large, there is a huge down side too.  To advance the eraser you twist the ring at the top of the pencil, however once you start erasing, the motion and pressure can actually start twisting the eraser back into the pencil.


Here is one last look at this thing before I officially throw it in the garbage.  Its a visually offensive, clunky mistake that should never have happened, apologies for exposing you to this mess.  If you wan’t a great mechanical pencil get yourself the far superior Uniball Kuru Toga (via Amazon) instead for a little less money.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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