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Paper shredding and cutting products


In my recent perusing of the new stuff over on the JetPens website, I came across something pretty cool.  These Ramay Swingcut Scissors  that come in three different versions over on JetPens offer a pretty unique design that makes for more effortless and easy cutting.  As you can see, the hinge where the two blades of the scissors meet is offset (ie. lower) than on a traditional pair of scissors where the hinge is pretty much in the center. … [Read more…]


Not too long ago, Steve reached out to me about his Tiletto Titanium Letter opener that you can find on Kickstarter.  Even for an office supply blog, its hard to find too many cool letter openers besides ones that are just unique designs or styled after something popular.  The Tiletto is actually a highly functional letter opener that does more than just open letters, plus it just looks pretty damn cool. … [Read more…]


Recently our friends over at Staples sent us one of their Space-Saver Paper Shredders to take a look at and review.  As you can see in the above photo, its a pretty compact unit, measuring only 8.5 inches across the front face that you see, it makes it easy to slide next to any desk or file cabinet without getting in your way.  I was able to fit the Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder with 10 Sheet Capacity comfortably under my messy desk.  In addition to … [Read more…]


These Laser Guided Scissors from ThinkGeek sounded like the perfect fit for a review about cool office supplies. Lucky for you, I ordered a pair to review and share with you here.  Lets just say that maybe this was a mistake and I should have thought through it more.  Here is a quick summary of the good and bad with these laser guided scissors. … [Read more…]


If you have not yet taken a minute to go sign up on Quirky, the social product development site, you might want to give it a try.  It seems there are more and more cool office supply products coming through there lately like these cool scissors that protect your hand from the blade when cutting boxes open or curling ribbon.  In this case, the Sheath Scissors are at the product development stage where you can help influence (and earn money for each item … [Read more…]


Here is a quick look at a pretty cool idea over on Quirky.com that makes for a perfect Earth Day office supply write up today.  The concept is pretty simple.  This  is a Briquetting Paper  Shredder that takes your shredded paper and converts it into a brick of paper that can be used for burning in your fireplace.  Cool office supplies like this really help to push the envelope on what has become a stale green office supply category. … [Read more…]


Our last item for Giveaway Week is the Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder, which is quite an impressive machine.  After you check out the following review, be sure to read the rules below to see how you can enter to win one of these for yourself. … [Read more…]


    My last review of a pair of scissors was a pair of 5-in-1 from Fiskar’s, which I wasn’t too thrilled with due to their inability to even cut a perfectly straight line.  I think that pair tried to be too many things to too many people, so these Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors seemed like a good bet for a return to the basics for me. … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago I undertook a serious cleaning project to purge some of my older files, and I gave my paper shredder a pretty good workout.  Unfortunately the paper shredder that was already about 6 years old decided that it was time to call it quits, leaving me with stacks of stuff to shred still.  Lucky for me I recently signed up for Amazon Prime (2 day shipping on everything for $75/yr.) and I quickly ordered myself a new Fellowes Powershred PS-77Cs … [Read more…]


When I first saw these Fiskars Cuts+More Multi-Purpose Scissors, I was pretty excited.  They look like a pretty serious pair of scissors with their black titanium blade that looks more like a knife than a scissor blade.  In addition to being regular scissors, they are billed as being multi-purpose and can do everything from open bottles to cut wire, so they sounded like a perfect item to try out and share with you here. … [Read more…]


Looking for an green alternative to shredding?  The nice folks over at Useful Things sent over a sample of these Shredsors, or 9 blade shredding scissors to try out and review. … [Read more…]


One of the great things about attending the National Stationery Show this year was that it opened my eyes to some products that fall into the office supply category that I did not instantly think of when thinking of office supplies.  One of those groups of items are cutting tools.  Usually one might think of scissors or letter openers and then move on.  This office supply review will take a look at the Slice ceramic cutting tools by Karim Rashid. … [Read more…]

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