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PaperPro 3 Hole Punch and 1 Hole Punch Review

A few days ago I did a review of some PaperPro Staplers, and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the quality and the performance of each of them, so naturally I was excited to also get to review their 3 hole punch (via Amazon) and 1 hole punches (also via Amazon) from them.  The one hole punch being reviewed here has a 10 sheet capacity, and the 3 hole punch has a 12 page capacity.  Thanks again for the fine folks at PaperPro who sent these over to be reviewed.

One of the first thing I noticed before I even used the PaperPro 3 hole punch was the little locking mechanism on the side.  The small silver knob that you see there slides in and out so you can push the lever down and lock it in place to save some space if you want to keep this in a drawer when not in use.   This is a nice feature, and even nicer is the fact that this 3 hole punch is actually pretty small and compact to begin with.


The 3 hole punch had absolutely no issue cutting right through 15 sheets of paper, although the advertised capacity is only 12 sheets.  As I said in the review for their staplers, I assume that the products can handle the extra capacity short term, but if you continued to go beyond the suggested capacity, they would probably not last as long and be as effective as they could.  Scaling back to the recommended 12 pages though cut right thorough the papers with almost no effort.

Another nice touch is the little “trap door” under the 3 hole punch to help empty the waste compartment.  Unlike traditional 3 hole punches where you remove the entire bottom section, and risk spilling the punched dots all over, the little trap door allows for a more easily controlled way to empty the hole punch after you are done using it.


Next up was the PaperPro Easy Punch 1 hole punch, which performed with the same amazing effortless hole punching strength.  The one hole punch fits in your hand very comfortably, and it really does take getting used to how little effort it requires to start punching holes through paper with it.  The first few times I tried it, I actually felt myself putting too much effort into it and had to ease up on it eventually.

The picture above shows a close up of the jaws of the PaperPro one hole punch, and the cool thing about it are those small markings that you see on the silver metal part that look kind of like a “T.”  The markings give you a nice easy way to center or precisely locate your hole on whatever you are punching it in.


Emptying the hole punch is accomplished by flipping open the door at the bottom of one of the handles.  On the same handle is also a convenient clip that you can use to hang the one hole punch on a pegboard, or lanyard for easy access at your workstation.

One last thing that I found particularly funny was when I thought “Oh, I bet it can punch a hole through the staples” and sure enough, with no effort at all, right through the staple that was in the page.  Again, I’m almost certain this is not a suggested use, nor do I think there is any practical reason you would want to do this.

Much like their staplers, the Paperpro 3 hole punch (via Amazon) and 1 hole punches (also via Amazon)  are a ton more effective and easy to use than any others I’ve used in the past, so I’d highly recommend that if you are looking for a hole punch you grab one of these and don’t look back.

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