PartTime Jobs for Retirees


Authored by Kate Beswick in Careers and Employment 
Published on 06-05-2009

Just about everybody looks forward to their retirement and the times when the days stretch out before them. This time means they have nary a care in the world! But after some time in retirement, many retirees find that the days are stretching just a little too long and that they would actually like some more cares and responsibilities. It’s not only the responsibilities and time filler that makes part-time jobs for retirees such a good option. Having a part-time job can also remind retirees that just because they no longer work full-time, they are still very much valued and needed! Here are some of the best and most popular part-time jobs for retirees!

Making Money Online

There are thousands of ways to make money online and this can actually turn into a pretty steady income and a great part-time job. Finding ways to make money online include participating in surveys, freelance writing, data entry, and much more. These are great opportunities for people who still want to use their mind, but also want to work when and where they choose.

Crafting and Baking

Many retirees find that they spend much of their time with needlepoint, woodwork, or baking. Why not turn your hobby into a lucrative part-time job? Create homemade goodies such as fresh bread, cookies, perogies, cabbage rolls, lasagnas, or whatever other delicious creations you make and freeze them to sell at a farmer’s market. Find a flea market to set up a booth for your crafts and handiwork, or just sell them privately!

Tour Guide

If you’re a history buff you might want to check out your local library or museums to find out if they have any tour guide openings. This is not only a great way to make money but it’s also a great chance to talk to people about your area of expertise. You can teach your visitors as well as learn from them.

Clerical Work

Because many retirees are older, they find that they often can’t stand on their feet for long periods of time. If this sounds like you, a position in clerical work or telemarketing might just be the thing. These jobs allow you to sit for almost your entire shift but the work will keep you invigorated and energetic!


If you were a professional during your working years such as a lawyer or a computer programmer, you can still offer these services privately during your retirement years as a consultant. If you practiced law and no longer want to do that, you might want to consider becoming a legal consultant. You can either work with lawyers, or work with people who don’t necessarily need a lawyer but do need legal advice.

Substitute Teaching

Substitute teaching really only requires you to attend an interview with your local school and submit a set of fingerprints. There is no extra schooling required or any exams to take. Better yet, substitute teaching generally allows you to work whenever you want. Most substitute teaching lists work on an automated system and are quite long, so you will be called by an electronic operator with a job. If you don’t want it, you simply choose ‘no’ and continue on with your carefree day!


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