Part Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

A popular trend among senior citizens is part time jobs. Some work due to financial reasons, while others miss working once they’ve retired. There are a variety of part time jobs available for senior citizens. This includes retail, community, administrative and work from home positions.

Substitute Teaching

If you have the desire to teach others or enjoy working with kids, substitute teaching is an excellent part time job. You can choose the grade level you work with, such as elementary, middle or high school. You aren’t required to have a degree in education in order to be a substitute. You can choose which days you work and where by simply selecting yes or no when you receive a call to substitute for the day.

Tour Directors

Senior citizens with knowledge or an interest in local museums and historical sites should consider a position as a tour director. Depending on the type of tour director you are, you may be leading tours and/or speaking with visitors about exhibits and the history of the site. Even if you have no prior knowledge, visit local attractions and pick up pamphlets. You will be given all the basic information you need to be a successful tour director.


Consulting allows senior citizens to continue using their previous skills in a part time career. You can choose your hours and which jobs you want. If you had extensive experience in a certain area or field, become a consultant once you retire. Your resume will speak for itself. Send your resume to businesses that may need your services. You can also advertise in local newspapers and online.


Many senior citizens enjoy making crafts. This can include sewing, knitting, wood working, jewelry making and any other types of crafts. These can be sold online, in local craft fairs, at yard sales and at flea markets. You can make crafts at home and work as much or as little as you like.


For senior citizens that don’t wish to work at home and can’t stand for long periods, consider clerical work. This includes almost any type of office work such as secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionist and customer service representatives. Some basic computer skills and a friendly demeanor when dealing with customers are required for most of these positions.

Business Owner

Many senior citizens have dreamed of owning their own business. Once the initial business is created, other employees take on most of the work load. You can work the hours you want and be involved in any part of the business you wish. Your business can be a small local business or you can even buy into a franchise.


For seniors that enjoy working with the public, consider a retail position. This includes clothing, electronics, shoe, book and specialty stores. Cashiers, customer service and stocking are the most common tasks.

If you’re looking for information on possible job openings in your area, need assistance with writing a resume or are looking for financial resources for starting your own business, visit Retired Brains and Senior Community Guide for resources directed towards senior citizens and retirees.


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