Part Time Jobs with Benefits

Part-time employment with medical benefits does exist. This is not to say that medical benefits are the only type of benefit that are important. It is important to remember, when shopping around for “part-time with benefits,” that not all companies who claim to offer great benefits actually do.

Do some homework to make certain that the benefits offered are worth your time. For instance, many employers require a minimum number of hours per week in return for the benefits, which is normal. However, there are many companies that claim to offer “medical insurance” when what they offer is the option of pre-tax medical savings. Technically, they do offer medical benefits. This means that the company allows you to save your own money for medical expenses, but does not offer a benefits package. Such companies are not bad companies, but their claim to offer medical benefits may mislead potential employees about exactly what they are offering. It pays to do some research on the company’s web-site.

  • UPS
  • UPS offers part-time employees a very generous benefits package. This package includes: tuition reimbursement, student loan pay-back, medical and life insurance, 401k, paid vacations/holidays, and a discount stock purchase plan. They even seem eager to hire the “small business owner who needs to work for benefits.”

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Barnes and Noble part-timers receive medical and dental insurance, paid time off and sick leave, 401k, personal leave, life insurance, discounts on merchandise, and transit benefits. Part-time employees are also allowed to participate in the Barnes and Noble “book loan” program – it’s a bit like turning Barnes and Noble’s collection of books into an employee library.

  • Lowe’s
  • Lowe’s part-time employees get a “limited benefit” health plan, life insurance, vision insurance and dental insurance – from the day an employee is hired. They also receive paid vacation and holidays, “life services” (which include things like legal and financial services and smoking cessation programs), 401k, discounted stock purchase options, and a 10% merchandise discount at Lowe’s.

  • Land’s End
  • Land’s End boasts some excellent benefits for part-timers. They offer medical, dental and vision insurance, onsite health staff (depending on where you work), onsite medical clinics, 401k, profit sharing, free access to fitness center, “back-up” childcare, holiday pay, “personal hours,” “education assistance,” and a merchandise discount with Lands End and Sears.

  • JCPenny
  • JCPenney offers part-time employees who work less than 35 hours per week some limited benefits. They offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as accident and “critical illness” insurance. Employees also get a discount on store, catalog, and online merchandise.

  • REI
  • Part time employees at REI receive medical, life, and dental insurance. REI also offers part-timers tuition reimbursement, an “Outdoor Challenge Grant,” a variety of discounts on merchandise (up to 50% off), and public transit subsidy.

  • Starbuck’s
  • Starbucks offers part-time employees medical, dental and vision insurance, short-term counselling, life and disability insurance, and limited tuition reimbursement. They also offer 401k, and stock investment options. Also, each employee receives one pound of coffee per week, and a discount on Starbucks products.


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