Passing Airport Security Quickly

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, security has been so tough and uncompromising to the business traveler. It will never be as easy and convenient again to check in and board planes so if you have a meeting to catch, you had better make preparations to arrive at the airport early. Delays are normally caused by people who do not perform the processes at the airport well – infrequent travelers that find out that they are not supposed to bring certain items aboard the aircraft. Once this starts, it goes cascading downward, sending the chain of delays unto the next flight and so on.

This is the reason why a lot of business travelers go on the first flight out. Usually, tourists or those who are in no hurry to go anywhere take the midday and afternoon flights; and these are the heavily booked flights and the most crowded time at the airport.

Frequent travelers know the way airport security works. They are aware of the recent rules so they come prepared knowing what is expected from them and can pass through the lines more quickly and efficiently. Try to leave behind items that have a lot of metal parts, combustible material, plant, or food. Use slip-on shoes if you can; security will ask you to take your shoes off at a certain point. These are some examples of items that will delay your passing through and will cost you a lot of time explaining. If you can check yourself in carrying the least possible things, this will probably save you time. Have your boarding pass and driver’s license ready and in an accessible place because airport personnel will ask for these several times through the process. Put your keys, coins, wallet, or purse in a handbag or briefcase before you get in line. This makes it easier for them to just run the whole thing through the scanner and eliminates the need for you to go sifting around your pockets.

Airport security usually has a queuing system that is designed for breaking up crowds. At the same time, it helps them monitor things around much carefully. They employ a series of gates where they have separate teams working through each line. They do their scanning and sifting process to help eliminate potential hijackers and terrorists that may board the aircraft. Try to keep an open mind about this because it is done for the purpose of maintaining safe flights for all those who board the aircraft.


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