Patio Decorating Ideas

At the dawn of spring, when the weather starts to warm we all start to plan backyard barbeques and parties. That is also when we start to think about our patios and what we can do to make our porches or patios more fashionable and appealing to our guests. There are a number of home decorating magazines, websites and blogs that offer tips and suggestions on patio decorating. Visual pictures of elegantly decorated patios will give you ideas of how to decorate your patio.

You do not have to spend a ton of money on patio furniture and house accents. You can make your patio look ritzy and spectacular without having to break your bank account. Box stores, like Canadian Tire, Rona, Save-On-Foods, Walmart and Lowe’s always offers deals on house accents and furniture. These stores also sell them at cheaper prices than smaller run and operated home hardware and decor stores.

Here is a list of patio decorating ideas that are stylish and inexpensive.

The long cold winters of the northern regions of North America over time ruin the appearance of patios. So, every spring or two springs, a fresh coat of paint on your patio will restore its splendour and make it look new. You may want to occasionally change the color of paint just to make your patio look up to date. For example, if the color of your patio was a silver grey, you might want to paint it a soft mocha brown. Keep in mind, though, the color code of your home. If you are planning to re-paint your patio a different color, make sure you purchase a paint that compliments the color of your home.

You may also want to purchase large and medium sized plastic or clay flower pots. Place the medium flower pots along the patio’s edge and the larger ones on the patio’s corners. Next, plant hardy annual or perennial plants inside of these flower pots. To maximize flower growth, you will need to feed and water them often, especially since they will be sitting in the direct sunlight. The best time to water plants and flowers is in the morning or evening. Potted flowers that are in full bloom will make your patio look quaint.

You can also purchase decorative lighting items, such as garden lanterns or string twinkle lights. Garden lanterns look great placed along the outer perimeters of the patio. Strings of twinkle lights attached to posts or trees and strung above and across the patio will brighten your patio at night and give it a classy look.

Statues, ponds and waterfalls also make for very attractive centerpieces on patios. When purchasing a statue, pond or waterfall, select the accent that compliments the size and architecture of your home and patio. Smaller statues, ponds and waterfalls go well with small patios, while medium to large sized statues, ponds and waterfalls fit well on larger patios. If you desire to build a small pond with a waterfall on your patio, make sure to locate it in a corner of your patio away from the furniture. A built-in pond would look best in the backyard connected to the patio. Statues, on the other hand, look best in the center of the patio or in the corners.

Decorating your patio can be an exciting adventure as long as it is done properly. Before decorating your patio, write down or discuss with your family how you plan to decorate your patio and what house accents you plan to use as decor. Next, break down each component of patio decorating into simple steps you can follow. Most importantly, have fun decorating.


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