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Peanuts Moleskine Boxed Set Review


Peanuts Moleskine Boxed Set

The  Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set is a nicely done part of the new line of Moleskine licensed products that they have been putting out lately.  It is the first step beyond just a simple licensed journal.  Instead the Peanuts Moleskine gift set is a collection of journals, postcards, and stickers in a very nice box that resembles an actual Moleskine notebook.  Let’s take a closer look at each item that comes in this great looking set.


Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set Everything

Inside of the Peanuts Moleskine box that looks like a typical Moleskine journal there are six ruled cashiers journals, 3 post cards, and 3 sheets of stickers.    The postcards are a little smaller than your average post card and measure about 5.25 inches by 3.5 inches in size.  As you can see in the photo above, there are three sheets of stickers, however 2 of the three are the same.  There is a ton of great stuff inside this gift box as you can see.


Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set Stickers

If you click on this photo you can get a better look at the captions in the Peanuts cartoon scenes on these stickers.  The remaining stickers are small Woodstocks, some dog houses, hearts, stars, and cartoon bubbles that can be written in to create your own scenes.


Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set Stickers and Postcards

Inside the Peanuts Moleskine boxed set, the stickers and postcards come in a cardboard envelope  that is labeled with a metallic black identification that says Postcards and Stickers so you know whats in there.


Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set Stack

Under the cardboard envelope, there is a stack of 6 Moleskine cashiers journals.  Three of the journals are the tan color covers and black outlined versions of Peppermint Patty, Lynus, and Schroeder.  The other 3 journals have black covers and white outlined renditions of Lucy, Charlie Brown, and of course, Snoopy.  Each of the journals has a soft cardstock cover with ruled sheets.  The black stripe that you see in the middle of the Peanuts Moleskine boxed set there is a pull-tab ribbon that helps to lift the contents of the package out of the box.


Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set Back

Peanuts Moleskine Boxed Set Summary

You cant see the elastic ribbon here because the paper label covers it up pretty nicely.  Overall I think that the Moleskine Peanuts Boxed Set is a very nicely done and great looking item. The artwork is great and the attention to detail is awesome too.  I don’t recommend Moleskine products because of the poor paper quality, but from a design and cool factor perspective, you can’t go wrong with the Moleskine Peanuts boxed set.

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