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Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Ink


Pelikan Edelstein Ink Aventurine Green Box

Back in October when I went to the Goldspot Trunk Show, I saw the new Pelikan Edelstein Ink for the first time in person, and I heard good things about it so I figured I would pick some up.  I decided to grab the Aventurine Green, which is a really nice Jade green color.  I like the little added touch on the right hand side of the box above where you see the semi elliptical shape that is somewhat indented on the corner of the box that indicates the ink color.


Pelikan Edelstein Ink Aventurine Green Bottle

Even before I attempted to load up my Pelikan M215, I was immediately impressed with the amazing looking glass bottle that houses the Pelikan Edelstein fountain pen ink.  The thick glass body of the bottle holds the ink inside a elegantly curved pouch that helps to reflect the light from different angles so you can really get a sense of the color.  The bottle alone is worth the purchase price if you want something nice looking and unique to sit on your desk.  Speaking of unique, all of the bottles for the Edelstein ink collection are unique in their own right, with none of them being exactly the same shape, although they are fairly similar.  You will also notice that dotting the “i” in the word Edelstein on both the box and the bottle there is a gem stone, so I’ll give you one guess what the word Edelstein means in German….yup, it means gem stone.  This also gives you some insight into the names of the colors that are available, with each of them being named after a particular gemstone.


Pelikan Edelstein Ink Aventurine Green Inside

Inside the bottle, the Edelstein Aventurine Green ink really jumps out at you as opposed to some other inks which look straight black inside their bottles.  With that said, the shade that you see in the photo above is still much darker than the shades that you get when you put this ink in your pen and start writing.  One thing I forgot to mention in the description of the bottle is that it contains 50 mL of ink.


Pelikan Edelstein Ink Aventurine Green Writing Sample

When I finally stopped my ogling of the Pelikan Edelstein bottle itself, and inked up my Pelikan M215, I was throughly impressed with the way that the ink wrote.  Having used this ink since October, I can confidently say that it performs in my Pelikan fountain pen better than any ink I have used to date.  On all kinds of different paper, the ink flows smoothly with almost zero feathering, bleeding, or show through, and considering that this is not a very wet ink, the dry time is also pretty quick.  Beyond the spectacular performance of the Pelikan Edelstein fountain pen ink, the color and shading is outstanding as well.  Take a closer look at the writing sample above and you will see that even with a pretty thin nib (fine in this case) you still get a very nice deal of shading with the ink.  The swab of ink that you see towards the bottom of the writing sample is much lighter than what you really get when you are writing, so don’t let that be the only thing that you judge the color by, not to mention the fact that between my scanner and your monitor there are most likely some differences between what you see and the true color.

Now that I’ve given this ink a fairly lengthy test drive, I’m itching for an excuse to pick up some of the Sapphire Blue that is also available.  The only thing to really be aware of with this ink is the price, and I am a strong believer in paying for quality so even though this will cost you about $20 per bottle, I am confident that you wont regret the purchase once you give it a spin.

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