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Pelle Leather Journal Review


Inside the Pelle Leather Journal

This fantastic looking Pelle Leather Journal was recently sent over to me for review by Brad (thanks!) from Jetpens.  The picture above shows the journal open with one of the replaceable notebooks inside, but you can’t see the orange elastic closure that wraps around the entire thing to keep it closed.


Pelle Journal Laying Flat

The Pelle Leather Journal is essentially a leather cover that houses various different notebooks inside of it, more on those options in a bit.  In the photo above you will notice that there is a bookmark that is attached to the leather cover itself as well.  The notebook has 64 pages of super smooth unruled paper, but the paper also comes in lined, grid, and drawing formats.  In addition to the small (3.5″ x 5″) there is also a medium (5″x7″) and large (5″x9″) version with an X-Large (6″x9″) on the way.


Pelle Journal in the Bag

Each of the journals comes in the linen travel bag that you see pictured above, which can help keep the leather cover of the journal protected.  Speaking of the leather cover, I think that is the thing that most impressed me about this journal.  The leather measures about 1/8″ thick, but is surprisingly soft and flexible, and has a bright orange elastic closure that wraps around it to keep the entire thing closed.


Pelle Journal Inside Straps

Another interesting and nice feature is that each of the leather covers has the capacity to hold up to three of the linen notebooks inside of it.  This is a nice feature to keep in mind since as I mentioned before, you can get blank, ruled, grid, or drawing paper so you can keep multiple formats of paper inside of just one leather cover, putting multiple options at your finger tips.


Writing Sample in the Pelle Linen Notebook

Writing on the unruled paper in this notebook was a very pleasant experience, not only is the paper super smooth to the touch, but even with some very fine point pens (.38mm Uniball Signo DX) the tip seemed to glide over the paper very smoothly.  I did test a fountain pen with this paper and on the front it held up very well with no bleeding or feathering, but there was however a slight bit of show through on the other side.  Just like the micro point gel in pens though, my XF nib fountain pen managed to write very smoothly on this paper.

Pelle Leather Journal Summary

Overall I’d give the Pelle Leather Journal a very enthusiastic thumbs-up based on the incredible quality of the leather covers, the enjoyable writing experience of the paper, and the flexibility that allows you to enjoy having multiple formats of paper inside your journal.  One last thing that I didn’t mention is that these journals are all 100% hand made in California.  Thanks again to Brad and Jetpens for sending this over, it really was a pleasure using this journal and I look forward to finding a good permanent use for it.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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