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Pen Loops in Multiple Sizes by VerneNation


Initially I wasn’t going to review these pen loops because there was nothing super different or outstanding about them, but its not a category we cover much here so I figured I should share.  This is actually a 6 pack of pen loops and you get two each of three different sizes.  They are sold by a company called VerneNation, but I grabbed them here on Amazon.


Above you see one each of the three different size pen loops you get in this package.  The square to the left of the elastic measures 4cm square and has an adhesive backing.  The pen loop elastics are each 2cm in height, but the loop sizes are 15mm, 20mm, and 30mm to accomodate different size pens or styluses you may have.  Again, this pack of pen loops comes with a total of 6 pen loops, but for photographic purposes I’ve only shown these three that represent one of each size.


They are super simple to install on most notebooks or flat surfaces, just be sure to give them a little cleaning first.  I wiped this Black n’ Red cover down with a small alcohol swab before sticking it on here.  After sticking it on, it seemed to be held in place by some pretty strong adhesive.  I gave it a few good tugs and yanks to simulate getting caught on things going in and out of a bag and didn’t see any ill-effects from those efforts.


The elastic itself is actually pretty strong, which is always my concern with pen loops and closures on notebooks.  Sometimes you can tell just by feeling it when you get cheap elastic that doesn’t feel like its going last a while.  There is nothing worse than loose elastic when you are relying on it to hold something in place for you.


The variety of sizes for these pen loops seem to hit a good range for my pen arsenal.  The smaller 15 mm version is great for something thin like a stylus, or thinner pens like the DUO Ultimate Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus.  Standard pens like a Uniball Jetstream, or in this case my lovely Ti ARTO fit nicely in the middle sized 20mm version.  Lastly on the large 30mm pen loop, my Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite was actually on the fence in terms of being a big enough pen to fit.  While the body was a little too slip for the loop, the cap seemed like it was just fat enough to make sure it stayed snugly in there.  Like I said, the VerneNation Pen Loops (buy via Amazon) aren’t anything super fancy, but they are one of those basic essentials so I thought I’d share.

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