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Pencil Case Review The Nomadic PD04 Roller


The Nomadic PD-04 Roller Pencil Case

A pencil case is something that I used to think I didn’t really need.  I also thought I would look kind of goofy and awkward carrying one around, but recently I changed my opinion on that because of the Nomadic PD-04 Roller Pencil Case that I purchased from JetPens.  With my growing collection of nice fountain pens and other higher quality pens, I wanted to find something that would not only protect them, but also allow me to carry as many with me as possible to suit my different writing needs during the day.


The Nomadic PD-04 Roller Pencil Case Unrolled

When I started my search for a pencil case, my first priority was finding one that didn’t look like it belonged in the bag of a second grader, or part of a make up kit for storing cosmetics in.  These were my two misguided perceptions that came to mind each time I thought about pencil cases, and the selection at JetPens erased those thoughts for me.  I pretty quickly found the Nomadic PD-04 Roller Pencil Case in Khaki, which because of its color and ripstop nylon had a very rugged and non-2nd grader look to it.  The case when closed measures 2.5″ wide, by 8″ long, by 2″ thick, which I find to be a good size for tucking inside of my laptop bag.  The portion of the pencil case that rolls out has 5 pen or pencil slots, along with one large and one small pocket with Velcro closures.


The Nomadic PD-04 Roller Pencil Case Filled Up

Filling up the Nomadic PD-04 Pencil Case was quick and easy, it held 5 of my fancier pens and pencils, along with some refills for my Zebra Sharbo X, a container of pencil leads, and a pack of erasers.  The pens you see being held in there are from left to right: Waterman Expert City Line, Pelikan M 215, Aurora Ipsilon, Zebra Sharbo X, and Lamy Studio.  The design of the pencil case does a great job of keeping the bodies of each pen from banging into each other and potentially damaging the finish on them, and it obviously also serves the purpose of just helping to keep your pens organized.


Nomadic PD-04 Roller Pencil Case Filled

With some of my favorite pens now protected in my Nomadic Pencil Case, you can see how nice and compact it is when rolled up.  I usually keep a few extra things in there as you can see.  I’ve got a small paint brush that I use to keep the space between the keys on my keyboard clean, and there is also a small micro-fiber cloth that I like to have with me so I can keep my fancy pens all shiny and new looking.  Overall this is a great pencil case that feels very well constructed and does a great job of helping me keep my pens and accessories organized and protected, so check it out over at JetPens where you should also be able to find it in a few different colors as well.

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