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Pencil Reviews


The Ohto Sharp Mechanical Pencil is a unique pencil and I bet you cant tell why just from looking at the picture above.  My best guess is that you might be able to figure it out if you read the title of the post.  If you have not figured it out yet keep reading.  One quick note first though because I want to thank our friends over at JetPens for providing this item free of charge for the review here. … [Read more…]


A few days ago,  our friends over at Pencils.com offered us the opportunity to review some of the new Palomino Blackwing Pearl Pencils.  Like any dedicated office supply enthusiast, we jumped on the chance to get our hands on some to test them out, and even managed to knock out some pretty impressive artwork with them that you will have to read through to the end of this review to see. … [Read more…]


I often rave about my Uniball Kuru Toga (see that link for an example of the innovative way it works, but it is a .5mm not a .3mm version of the pencil) and how its the only pencil I’ll ever write with, AND that it actually took me out of my 20+ year pencil writing hiatus.  The only thing that makes the Kuru Toga even better though is some good lead, and this Uniball .3mm Hi-Density Lead is just that. … [Read more…]


So to be 100% honest, I’d advocate for people to save as much money as possible and not go crazy on the gift giving for various reasons, but since we like to write about cool office supplies and we like to enjoy some pretty awesome and sometimes expensive office supply related items, I feel obligated to share some of those here.  So with that said, if you are looking for a nice gift for someone you know that is picky about their office supplies, pens, or … [Read more…]


Here is another great product that was sent to us by our friends over at Jetpens for this review.  These Tombow Ippo Coild Pencil Grip Aids are an accessory that can be used with your standard wood case pencils. … [Read more…]


I was pretty excited when I saw these Uni Dermatograph Oil Based Pencils the other day over on the Jetpens website.  I remember having a few of these when I was a kid (not the Uni versions) and I just remember enjoying peeling them more than using them…probably a waste but it was still fun and brought back good memories to see these. … [Read more…]


I honestly cant remember the last time I owned a compass, so when I saw this Stad Compass with a built in mechanical pencil over on Jetpens, I figured it was time to add one to my collection of writing tools.  In addition to the compass itself, you do also get 5 leads that come with it too.  For total transparency too, this item was provided compliments of Jetpens for the purpose of this review. … [Read more…]


The new website Maxton Men has a great selection of cool items, and also includes an entire section on cool office supplies.  They were kind enough to send me over this sample pack of completely black pencils as well as offer a special discount for readers of this website.  If you head over to the Maxton Men Office Supply section,  and use the code OSG15 you can get 15% off on any products from the office supply category which includes Moleskine and Field … [Read more…]


The original version of this classic pencil has a cult-like following, and if you feel like shelling out upwards of $30 you can usually buy one pencil for that price on eBay.  That’s right one pencil runs about thirty dollars.  Recently though, the Palomino Blackwing 602 has been reinvented and can be purchased for a much more reasonable price.  For full disclosure, this review sample was sent over to me by Brad and all of the great folks at Jetpens. … [Read more…]


The Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office is a unique set of writing tools that is perfect for keeping in a bag for school or for travel.  This set was given to us for review by Cheryl over at the Writers Bloc website. … [Read more…]


The Tombow Olno Body Knock is a very unique mechanical pencil that I spotted on the Jetpens website, and as usual Brad and the folks at Jetpens were gracious enough to have sent one over for me to take a look at for this review. … [Read more…]


This Pentel Vicuna Multi Pen with Mechanical Pencil was graciously offered up to me by Brad and the folks at Jetpens.  Since I have a problem saying “No” to any conversation that starts with “Would you like to try this pen?”  we have a review of it here for you today. … [Read more…]


The .5mm Uni Alpha Gel HD Shaker Mechanical Pencil for this review was provided free of charge by the friendly folks over at StationeryArt.com.  Not being a huge pencil user, I am always curios to get my hands on a pencil that has a particularly interesting look or concept behind it. … [Read more…]


The Ohto Comfort Sharp Lead Holder is something I probably never would have tried out, had it not been for the generosity of Brad and Jetpens.  Typically I don’t like to use lead because of its tendency to get flat and dull very quickly, so to date I stick to my Kuru Toga that automatically rotates the lead to keep it constantly sharp.  For those of you that do like writing with lead, this lead holder is an interesting option. … [Read more…]


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for all black pens and pencils, and this new Uniball Kuru Toga Roulette caught my attention a few weeks ago when it popped up on the new products page over at JetPens, although it is also available via Amazon.   I’ve already done an extensive Kuru Toga review, so I don’t know that i have much more to add to this one other than some ogling over the looks. … [Read more…]


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