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Pencil Wrap and JetPens Gift Card Winners

Today we have our winner of the winner of our “This is Ground” Leather Pencil Wrap as well as our monthly $25 JetPens Gift Card to announce.  Quickly before we get to that though I have to say I was surprised by the amount of feedback from folks looking for reviews of the folders I mentioned in our folder round up recently, so I picked up a few of these and did some research to find a few more that I’ll be doing review of shortly, so fear not, your feedback has been heard.

First up we have the winner of our monthly $25 JetPens Gift Card Giveaway, and thats Wendy Williams.  Is it THAT Wendy Williams? I don’t know, I get the feeling that she isn’t an avid reader of a website about office supplies but I could be wrong.  Either way, that Wendy Williams or whoever it was that signed up for our giveaway is welcome to collect her prize, so if its you, simply get in touch with us by sending an email through our contact page and we will get you your gift card!

As a side note, a few people have asked why we do this…meaning why we ask the person to get in touch with us to get their gift card.  Its a pretty simple reason to be honest.  We do it because if we just send the gift card via email there is a good chance it will directly to that person’s spam folder so we want to make sure they know to be on the lookout before we send it so we know it wont go to waste sitting in a spam folder never to be used if we send it without coordinating and making sure they know to look for it.


As for the “This is Ground” Pencil Wrap you can see our winner here below.  Same story, Andrew C…get to us through our contact page and we will coordinate to get you your nice new pencil wrap!

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Thanks as always to everyone that supports the blog, enters our contests, and/or subscribes to our emails (see that form below, you can get an update every time we post or a summary once a week of every post) because it definitely helps us to be able to do more giveaways and do more reviews, so your support is highly appreciated!

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