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Pendaflex Divide it Up Folders Reviewed


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Package

Back when we did the quick round up of some of the different types of file folders out there, I was surprised to get feedback from folks looking for something a little more in depth on some of the options so I figured I’d hit a few of them in coming reviews, starting with these Pendaflex Divide it Up multi section file folders (via Amazon).  In addition to the folders in that original folder round up, I’ve come across a few other options to take a look at over the next few weeks, but for now we will stick to these multi subject folders from Pendaflex.


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Package Example

So I didn’t really have a great use for these at the moment but I can imagine several good uses such as the one depicted on the package that Pendaflex put together.  If you look they clearly have it set up for a meeting/travel project folder.  Perfect not only for the multiple categories that roll up to one larger item, but also very convenient for the perfectly sized items in each section so you can see all three levels of the multisubject folder. 🙂


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Right Justified and Left Justified main Tabs

So the first thing to note about these is that each has three internal tabs that are cut shorter than the one main tab that you would find with a standard filing folder.  So you have the one main tab and then blow that there are three additional tabs to let you subdivide your folder into three individual sections.  I’ve got the two above pictured because they show the two different layouts of this folder that come in each package.  The primary tab for the folders is put in one of two places, either the far left or far right, so unlike other file folders there is no center aligned tab, just a left and right.  The red folder above has the main tab on the left, while you will see the main tab on the right of the blue folder.  Just some logistics really, nothing negative about this considering the additional flexibility provided with these folders.


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Colors Red Blue and Yellow

In terms of colors, you have somewhat limited options with the Pendaflex Divide it Up multisubject folders, but I think three colors is a fair enough selection.  You get to pick from red, yellow, and blue in the 24 pack that I picked up for this review.


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Four Ttabs

The tabs alternate colors too, you can see that the large main tab and the middle sub tab on each color is a more faded shade of the overall folder color, its basically the same lighter shade as the inside of the folder.


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Inside

So I decided that I’d use my Pendaflex Divide it Up folders to do a little financial organizing and planning as you can tell from the photo above.  Like I said before, I didn’t really have any shorter papers or files to tuck away in my new folders, but the heights of each divider are as follows starting from the bottom: 4.75″ high, 6.75″ high, and 9.125″ high.  They are each however deep enough so that a full sheet of standard 8.5″x 11″ paper slides in easily, although it will cover up whats behind it still leaving all three tabs on the right fully exposed though, so you can still see your tab names.


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Open

Each of the first two subdivisions also has a scalloped cutout that is presumable to makes it easier to flip between sections and hold them open a little if need be.  Being that these are constructed of the same manila that most folders are made of, writing on the tabs presented no issues, ballpoints, gel ink, sharpies, pencils and just about everything you can think of will work well for labeling these.

There is definitely something nice about the being able to subdivide your folders in the analog form as you would on your computer with electronic files so I think that these Pendaflex Divide it Up multi section file folders (via Amazon) are definitely a great option to help get your analog life a bit more organized.

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