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Pens and Notebooks for the Rain


If you have not heard, there is a rumor going around that there might be some rain or something today if you live anywhere on the east cost of the US.  I figured it was a great chance to take a quick look at some writing supplies that hold up well in the rain…not that there should be ANY reason for you to be outside in this storm.


The Rrite in the Rain Notebook. Image from riteinrain.com

Although I have not yet had the chance to review the Rite in the Rain journals (tons of options on Amazon), there have been other reviews online including the  review from Brad at ThePenAddict.com and also one with a lot of  great photos at Gourmetpens.com.  The notebooks themselves have a unique Polydura covers that are made from post-consumer waste materials, and the obvious key feature of the cover and the paper is that they resist water.  You can see from the photos above that water actually beads up on the paper.  In addition to the paper resisting water like this, it is also archival quality, meaning it will likely last longer than YOU do as well as your next of kin.  There isn’t much that will destroy your writing on this paper.  Eventually we need to get our hands on one of these to do a review, so hopefully that will be coming soon.


Trekker Fisher Space Pen on the Lanyard

When it comes to pens and notebooks for the rain I’ve got two favorites that I would suggest.  First up is probably the most obvious choice, the Fisher Space Pen, of which you will find a ton of different versions of at the Amazon link there.  The one pictured above is my favorite, the Trekker.  If you missed our review of the Fisher Trekker Space Pen, you can see the results of us cooking it in the oven at up to 170 degrees and also freezing it in the freezer and still getting great writing results with it.


The Sharpie Pen writing samples after being run under water and smudged.

Our second favorite option for a pen that holds up well against water, it would be the Sharpie Pen (again, endless options there at the Amazon link), which is also just one of our favorite pens overall.  Our original Sharpie Pen review included a test with wet paper that you see above where they performed very well, and this wasn’t even on the Rite in Rain paper mentioned above.

So there you have it, our best suggestions for pens and notebooks for the rain like this are the Rite in Rain Notebooks, Sharpie Pens, and the Fisher Space Pens.  If you have any favorite or undiscovered office supply products that hold up well to the rain and water, feel free to drop a note in the comments section.  Hopefully everyone stays safe and indoors well protected from the rain and bad weather today!

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