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Pens Ink is Baffling to Me The Pilot G2


The Pilot G2 Pens Ink is Baffling to Me

I don’t think I’ve made any secret of the fact that I’m really not on board with those who think that the Pilot G2 is the best pen and in fact, I’ve been pretty harsh in my criticism of it here in the past.  I found something odd the other day though when I started using a G2 by accident, and something about this pens ink really surprised me when I took a second to look closer.


Pilot G2 Writing Sample

The situation was this, I was working from home and I grabbed the first pen handy, which happened to be a G2.  Because I was super busy, I gave it no thought, nor did I even have a chance to swap it for something else.  I just grabbed the pen and went to work for a few hours with various conference calls and emergency requests for information on things that I am responsible for at the “real job.”  After the flood of work came to a slowdown, I began to realize that I had been writing with the Pilot G2 the whole time, but even more shocking, was that when I went back and looked at all my notes there was literally none of the mess that I usually attribute to this pens ink and its writing performance.  There was virtually no skipping, and there were definitely no blotchy ink spots.  Look at my writing sample up there, compared to this one I did a few months ago with a different G2, and you can see where in red I point out the flaws with the old G2s writing:


Here is the Pilot G2 Writing Sample in a Black n’ Red Notebook

This writing sample, was on the same paper, but with a different G2 and was atrocious compared to my most recent experience.  To date the poor experiences with Pilot G2s FAR outweigh my one good experience, however this makes me wonder, so I am going to at least be open minded and give them another chance.  This does make me a bit curious though, has Pilot changed something with the pens ink?  This was after all a newly purchased Pilot G2 that I bought for a comparison review I’ll be doing soon, but I have no way to really tell how new or old the pen is.  I’d love to hear from anyone who may have had previous bad situations with a G2 that may have seen a change lately.  I don’t know whats worse now though, the historically bad performance of this pens ink, the fact that now it might actually be a much better writing pen, OR that its now one of those hit or miss items where you can get a few jewels in the rough if you are lucky?

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