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Pentel Energel Multi Function Pen .5mm Review


Pentel Energel Multi Function Pen .5mm

I am usually on the fence when it comes to multi-pens, so when my friends at StationeryArt offered to send me over a Pentel Energel Multi Function Pen to try out, I figured it would be a good opportunity to give another one a shot.  It also helped to know that this pen uses the Pentel Energel ink, which I have used before and really enjoyed.


The Pentel Energel Multi Function Pen with Eraser Exposed

The Pentel Energel Multi-Function Pen has a fairly large body, however it still manages to maintain a very light weight.  The top half of the multi-pen acts as the mechanism for selecting your choice of either a .5mm red Energel, .5mm black Energel, or a .5mm pencil point.  By twisting the top of the pen, you select one of the aforementioned writing tools, and there is a small indicator on the side that the clip of the pen points to so you know what option you have selected.  The indicator can be seen in the first photo above.  My only issues with the selection mechanism are that it is a little bit clunky to turn, and it does not rotate completely around like the Sharbo X, so instead you have to turn all the way to the left then all the way to the right to select among the full range of options.

Something that was a bit of a surprise to me was the size of the eraser when I removed the top of the pen.  With all of the multi-pens that I have used in the past, I have become accustom to pretty small erasers.  The Pentel Energel Multi-Pen however has a good size meaty eraser for you to make plenty of mistakes with.  It does a nice job at completely removing the pencil marks without leaving any trace of your writing.


Pentel Energel Multi Function Pen .5mm Writing Sample

As I said before, I’ve used the Pentel Energel ink before, so the super smooth and consistent writing experience was no surprise, but was clearly a nice reminder of how great the Energel is.  Although this pen is a great mix of functionality and quality, I’m not totally sold on the pen for myself simply because of the fairly large size and the light weight.  To me it feels a little like trying to use a Whiffle ball bat to play real baseball with, which is not a criticism of the pen, it just does not meet my personal preferences for a pen of this size.  If you are looking for a quality multi-pen though, this is definitely worth a look, and thanks again to my friends at StationeryArt. Also, if you are considering purchasing this pen, you can also check out the review that Brad over at The Pen Addict did.

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