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Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen


The Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen in Blue Uncapped

The Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen is another item that I’ve been sent by the fine folks from Jetpens for review on the site here. Typically I am not a fan of disposable fountain pens because I think that it negates one of the benefits of fountain pens, which is that they are more environmentally friendly than regular disposable pens.  With that said though, I’m always up for testing another kind of pen so I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it turned out.


Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen with a Plastic Nib

Right away, I’d say the most obvious difference between the Pentel Pulaman JM20 and a regular fountain pen is the plastic (instead of stainless steel or other metal) nib.  The plastic nib does give the pen a bit more flexibility than you would find with a more standard beginner fountain pen with a steel nib.


Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen Writing Sample

Overall the pen has nice balance with and without the cap posted, and my initial writing experience with it was going well, with a surprisingly smooth feel and some nice bold ink color, although it seemed to be a bit more purple than blue as advertised.


Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen Writing Sample – Splatter

When I decided to take a few quick notes on an index card with the Pentel Pulaman, I was immediately concerned though.  If you look closely (click on it for the big version) at the picture above you can see that the ink started to splatter across the surface of the index card, as well as the paper that was underneath it.  I could feel a very scratchy effect coming from the plastic nib while this was happening, so it appears that on rougher papers this splatter effect is going to be an issue.  Personally for me that is kind of a deal breaker since I frequently make to-do lists on index cards as I go throughout my day.  Between the fact that this is a “disposable” fountain pen, AND it also has the issues with the splatter on some paper, I’d have to say that the Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen is pretty much a n0-go for me.  Thanks again to our friends at Jetpens for sending this over, they definitely have a lot of other great pens to pick from besides this one. 🙂

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