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Pentel Superb Mini Ballpoint .7mm Review


The Pentel Superb Mini Capped

The Pentel Superb Mini is a fairly small pen that is good for those of you looking to have a simple ballpoint pen thats easy to tuck away in a bag or pocket on a regular basis.  Before we take a closer look at the Pentel Superb Mini though, I’m obligated to let you know that through a partnership with JetPens, we’ve received this pen free of charge for this review.  This in no way influences our honest review of the performance of this pen.

The Pentel Superb Mini and Pentel Vicuna for a Size Comparison

The Pentel Superb Mini measures just over 4.5 inches long with the cap posted which makes it slightly shorter than most other standard sized pens.  The above photo compares it to the Pentel Vicuna for a good perspective on its size.  It also has a much thinner barrel than most other pens of a standard size.  I would say that it comes close to the width of the barrel of a Pentel Slicci if you want something to compare it to.


The Pentel Superb Mini with Cap Posted and Pentel Vicuna

With the cap posted, the Pentel Superb Mini measures about 5.25 inches long.  This is very close to the same length of many regular sized pens.  Understanding that having a mini pen is more about the size when closed, not with the cap posted, I guess this is an acceptable size for it to be while writing.  Writing with the cap posted is definitely a fair experience as the balance of the pen is reasonable and does not create a top heavy situation that would be bad for extended writing sessions.


The Pentel Superb Mini Ballpoint Writing Sample

Pentel Superb Mini Ballpoint Writing Sample.

The Pentel Superb Mini Ballpoint writes nicely on most paper.  In the writing sample above I tested the pen on one of my favorite Black n’ Red Notebooks.  The ink writes very smooth with no skipping or clumping.  It is also a pretty fast trying ink as I was not able to get it to smudge with a quick swipe of the finger immediately after writing with it.  My only real issue with the pen is that there is definitely some tip rattle while you write with this pen.  It’s not a deal breaker, but definitely a minor pet peeve of mine.  For some reason the constant clicking and rattling of the pen tip against the metal cone of the pen every time you move the pen drives me a little crazy.  If you are looking for a simple and compact ballpoint pen that you can store in a small place, head over to JetPens to check this one out for yourself.

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