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Pepsi 600ml launch supported by ATL campaign

  • By Luke Bishop
  • Published 04/23/2012

Pepsi UK has reshaped the cola category, by encouraging more consumers to make a savvy switch to its no-sugar drinks. Central to its plan is the launch the new single-serve, 600ml bottle format across its no-sugar portfolio. The launch of the new format a new multi-million pound marketing campaign that will inform consumers of the change, and also offer them the chance to win gig tickets and other collateral

The new 600ml bottle is part of the commitment to drive future revenue and growth from no-sugar products. Regular Pepsi and 7UP will remain in the current 500ml format.

The 600ml format will have the same RRP as the 500ml full-sugar format, meaning that no-sugar variants offer even greater value for money.

Garrett Quigley, CEO of Pepsi UK, comments: “With this launch, we are reshaping the cola category. By offering better value on Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi, we are shifting consumer preference and making it easier to make a savvy switch from regular soft drinks to our no-sugar colas.

“This latest initiative is another nudge in the right direction for our consumers. We want to use our influence in the marketplace to encourage consumers to go for no-sugar options, as part of a healthier lifestyle.”

Since 2004, Pepsi has spent no money on advertising full-sugar Pepsi. During the same period, Pepsi UK has invested over L20million in marketing Pepsi Max and diet Pepsi in the UK helping no-sugar variants drive the cola category. In the UK alone, Pepsi Max has grown 20%.

About the Author : Luke Bishop is a writer and loves to buygig tickets..



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