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Pepsi goes full steam ahead with new campaign

  • By Luke Bishop
  • Published 05/29/2012

Pepsi is embarking on a global aspirational marketing campaign that seeks to use music to appeal to younger consumers’ desire to “capture the excitement of now”, which includes live music gig tickets and giveaways.

The Live For Now strategy reflects the brand’s new positioning and features a tie-in with singer Nicki Minaj.

Her song Moment 4 Life will appear in TV ads set to air in the US later this week, before being rolled out worldwide for what will be Pepsi’s first global campaign. This is being supported through a comprehensive cross-platform approach that includes radio, cinema and outdoor advertising.

Digital and social media platforms will be utilised, while Pepsi will host a series of live music events around the world.

Combining events with social media, the soft drinks manufacturer will present a series of exclusive pop-up concerts, streamed live to Twitter followers this summer, featuring major music artists.

Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer for Pepsi, explained that the Live For Now positioning will inform the way Pepsi “behaves as a brand”, adding that it is “a fantastic filter through which to create exciting and innovative partnerships with some of the world’s leading artists and entertainment properties”.

Brad Jakeman, president of Global Enjoyment Brands at PepsiCo, said: “Live For Now is considerably more than a positioning statement or a single ad creative – it is the central governing idea for the brand globally.”

About the Author : Luke Bishop is a fan of live music



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