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Pepsi Top Trumps explained!

  • By Luke Bishop
  • Published 05/29/2012

Think you’re football’s biggest fan? Do you get a new shirt every season, go to every game and wish you were 20 years younger so you could be a match day mascot? If so then you will love the new football top trumps Facebook game from Pepsi.

To get involved in this highly addictive footy feast, simply head over to the Pepsi Max website to be taken directly to the Facebook page to get scoring.

You’ll get your own personalised top trumps card, featuring you, based on the answers you give to the opening quiz. Do you know how many goals Leo Messi slotted away last season? Would you rather watch the big game in the pub or at the ground in the pouring rain? Depending on the answers you give you’ll be given scores in separate categories with which to compete with your pals online on Facebook.

Things like loyalty, passion, stats knowledge and punditry skills all count in this game, so make sure you think about your answers before you submit!

So there we have it, a schoolyard favourite reinvented for an online generation. Back of the net!

About the Author : Luke Bishop loves to play Football top trumps



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