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Perfect fit wood venetian blinds

  • By Faye Crawford
  • Published 05/10/2011
  • Article Writing

IntroductionIf DIY is not your forte then perfect fit blinds may offer a solution to your binds need. They are simple to assemble, require no drilling and can be fitted within minutes. The perfect fit system is designed exclusively by Louvolite and their revolutionary idea has meant that you will no longer have the worry of dangling operating cords or the though of a small breeze from an open window moving your blind knocking all your belongs off your window sill.There are many different types of perfect fit blind – Venetian, roller, pleated and wood Venetian but in this article we are only going to focus on perfect fit wood venetian blinds.Description;The best way to describe a perfect fit wood venetian blind is that it is a wooden venetian blind housed within a perfect fit frame. The perfect fit frame consists of 4 Aluminum sidepieces, which are joined together with corner joints, which are held together with 4 screws on each corner. The frame is secured to the existing window frame with brackets that simply side in-between the windows glass and the beading. The already assembles frame simply clicks into place when inserted into the window frame.Measuring for a perfect fit blind

The measuring up for a perfect fit blind is just as simple as fitting the blind itself. The only measurements that are needed are the width of the window that you can see through and the drop. For people that are not overly confident on their ability to measure the easiest way to ensure accurate measurements is to measure the top, centre and bottom of the window glass that you can see through and keep the smallest measurement. To measure the required drop for the perfect fit blind the same method applies, measuring the left, centre and right drop and again keeping the smallest measurement. The only other measurement you need is the depth of the window, taking this measurement is very simple, like before if you are not very confident, measuring multiple corners will help to ensure accurate measuring. To measure the depth you need to put a straight flat edge – like a ruler across the corner of your window frame that you are fitting the perfect fit

blind into. Then measuring up from the window glass to the underside of the ruler take a measurement. Typically windows measure between 12mm-30mm in depth.Another aspect to keep in consideration is the location of any handles on your window. A window handle can obstruct you fitting the frame however this does not mean that if you have a handle on your window then you cannot have a perfect fit frame. The following rules of thumb occur for different beadings to space to handle. On a square beading the most amount of distance between the edge to the window frame where the beading starts and the edge of the handle closest to the window glass is 25mm. on any other type of beading then anything as low as 6mm clearance is needed. If you are ever unsure about this then you should ask for a sample piece of frame that way to can put the frame onto the window and see your self if there is a clearance. If there isn’t a clearance that is not a problem any experienced blind sales person will be able to recalculate the width or drop of your window to accommodate for the handle being on your window.Perfect fit Wood Venetian blindsperfect fit wood venetian blinds can offer the most amount of luxury, the slat is thicker then a aluminum venetian blind and the appearance is more luxurious. Perfect fit wood venetian blinds are typically made from two types of wood Brass wood and Apache wood. Brass wood is the cheaper wood and the quality is not often as good as the harder, longer wearing Apache wood. The most common example of where you would find brass wood is in the making of models, such as model airplanes and boats. Apache wood, although it is more expensive than brass wood the quality is noticeably better and once made into the venetian slats is a lot more durable and is less likely to splinter. No matter what quality wood you have the finishes are all standard, from white and black lacquered woods to wood stains to achieve the effect of oak, pine, ash, mahogany and walnut, there are many more wood effects available these are just the more popular ones. The wood can offer a sense of warmth to a room and the added luxury of wood.Concluding Points;Perfect fit wood venetian blinds offer the height of luxury in the versatility of a venetian blind. Wood venetian blinds are the perfect way to finish the décor to any room. nopicture-1113168

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by Faye Crawford



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