Permanent Hair Removal at Home


Authored by Deanna Proach in Hair Care
Published on 05-29-2009

Hair removal in today’s society is a big problem for men and especially women. This is because society constantly emphasizes physical beauty as the most important part of being human. The ideal woman shown in magazines, in films and on television shows are slim and hairless. You would never find a woman with a beard or hairy arms and legs on the front page of a magazine. Society maintains that women are only beautiful when they have hairless bodies and smooth skin.

Unfortunately many women fall into the trap of believing that even the slightest amount of body hair makes them ugly. So, they constantly strive to maintain that perfect body image. While true beauty does not hinge on body image, it is important that women keep themselves clean and well-shaven. Above all, women need to have a reason to feel good about themselves.

Body hair is a complete nuisance and too much of it does not look nice at all. The worst part of having it is removing it. Most methods of permanent hair removal are painful and take too much effort. They can even be quite costly and if not done properly, they can damage the skin tissue. There are, however, some inexpensive and painless methods of permanent hair removal that can be done at home and that will hinder the growth of body hair.

The best basic method of hair removal is shaving with topical cream. The not so great thing about shaving is that it does not permanently remove body hair and you will have to shave over and over again in order to keep your body hairless. If you have sensitive skin you will have to be extra careful with what topical cream you use. There are some creams, though, that will hinder the growth of body hair.

Vaniqa is the best topical cream that is recommended for long-term hair loss and is only available through prescription. This cream works best for facial hair and must be applied twice a day. Unfortunately, if its use is discontinued, hair will return to its normal growth rate. To find out about other effective prescription hair removal creams, you should talk to a dermatologist.

Another possible method of hair removal that can be done at home is oral medication. Medications do not produce permanent hair removal, but they do effectively work by reducing the amount of testosterone hormones that cause hair to grow in various parts of the body. The medications that have been proven to work time and time again are Daine35, Propecia and Aldactone. All of these medications do require prescriptions and it is crucial that you see your dermatologist or your family doctor to find out which one of these medications is best for you.

The best and most effective method of hair removal is laser hair removal. Laser is applied to remove all facial hair, but is able to permanently remove hair in all other parts of the body. Laser hair removal is known to work the best because the application of laser completely destroys all hair follicles. It is totally painless and bloodless and is not time consuming. It also works well for all skin types because it is a non-reactive solution. This is one method that cannot be done at home. If you are seeking laser hair removal your best option would be to seek out a good beauty salon that specializes in laser hair removal. This may be a costly method of hair removal but is still considered as a better alternative to using methods of hair removal at home.


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