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Personal Injury Lawsuit An Overview

  • By Ross Brown
  • Published 01/2/2012
  • Article Writing

Personal injury can be described as a physical injury, sicknesses or ailment. This can be referred to a psychological injury like depression, frustration or suicidal tendencies. These things are common in human lives. But when the injuries or sicknesses, physical or otherwise, are caused by someone else’s careless conduct, the outcome is considered as personal injury. There are several reasons why someone suffers from personal injury. You can get inured in a car accident where the driver was driving the vehicle while under the influence of illegal drug or alcohol. You may slip and fall over dangerous premises and hurt yourself. You may even receive electric shock and sustain burn injury. As for the psychological consequences, there are also many reasons for someone to suffer mental wounds due to another human being’s fault. You may sustain depression due to the increasing work pressure. Frustration can grow due to discrimination in the workplace. Or you may become a victim of continual emotional torture and that can result into the suicidal tendencies. An injury caused due to the negligent act of a medical practitioner can also be treated as personal injury.

In case, you are a victim of such an

injury, you are entitled to claim compensation for the medical expenses and the damages you had to suffer due to the injury. This is your right as a citizen. The person responsible for causing you the pain and financial losses is liable to pay for the expenditures.

Now, this filing compensation for the medical expenses is a legal process. You will have to seek legal for this. Only an experienced Fort Lauderdale injury attorney will be able to help you in this matter. You will have to act fast as there is a time limit for filing a lawsuit in such cases. How much time you have depends on the state you are residing. Generally, after doctor’s assurance that you have reached the maximum level of recovery, you may file for the compensation. Remember that reaching maximum level of recovery does not mean that you will be able to gain the health or condition of prior injury phase. Only that you have reached the point after which you won’t be able to recover any more.

How much compensation you may receive depends on the level of damages you had to suffer. Also your medical bills and doctor’s report will play a great role in this. Preserve these items as these will help you calculate the value of the compensation. 


Ross Brown is a legal consultant.

by Ross Brown



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