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Personal Injury Litigation In Chicago

  • By Jenna Buechel
  • Published 05/11/2012
  • Non-Fiction

The world is a dangerous place – here is a phrase you would hear quite often from your parent as a child. And it truly is and that is why people should take precaution and protect themselves from all sorts of dangers. Your protection may be from an insurance carrier or something else like saving security funds. This is because accidents can occur at any time and death being inevitable, you would like to have your family well compensated in case you died in the accident. But sometimes there may be problems of compensation and this is when you need a personal injury lawyer, and the best you can get if you decide to use one. One of the best personal injury law firm Chicago has is the Morici, Figlioli and associates (MFA) law firm. This is a company that was started by the two senior partners whose names form the name of the law firm – that is James Morici and David Figlioli. They are both among the best personal injury attorney Chicago has.

There are many Personal injury lawyers in Chicago – none however have the talent and take their clients into consideration as much as the lawyers at MFA. Most firms only have their own interests in mind, but the lawyers at MFA take their clients best interest over their own. MFA is known as a Chicago personal injury law firm having won cases against major insurance companies and other companies where there was negligence. The firm has been in Chicago for many years. They take in a new Chicago personal injury attorney all the time as they are constantly expanding – One of them is their associate David J. Schwaner. He started out his career as a Chicago personal injury lawyer at the firm and has gained all his professional experience while still at MFA. The firm has other lawyers who have been dealing with other branches of personal injury litigation. This specialization has resulted in the firm having one Chicago personal injury lawyer dealing with construction site negligence and another one dealing with auto accidents. This is one of the reasons the firm has grown to be very well respected. Right now whenever someone needs to hire a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, they always lean towards the lawyers at MFA. This is also because most other personal injury law firms Chicago has are not up to the standards and quality of MFA.



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