Pet Friendly Places in California


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in Pets 
Published on 11-11-2009

Bringing your pet along on vacation is a wonderful opportunity to have each family member present when enjoying a well deserved respite. Regrettably, finding businesses that are as fond of four legged companions as you are, may be an undertaking that is a bit harder than you might anticipate. Even California residents could sometimes despair when planning a daytrip or outing and not knowing whether Fido will be welcomed. Happily, there are a number of pet friendly places in California.

Dog Friendly Beaches

The California coastline is gorgeous and the long beaches offer your dog a wonderful opportunity for exploration and exercise. Examples of welcoming beaches include San Diego’s Ocean Beach Dog Beach and also Long Beach’s Dog Beach. Plenty of other beaches also permit access to four legged companions, but they might post some restrictions. For example, Newport Beach does not allow dogs on beaches between 9 AM and 5 PM. Before packing up the car and bringing the dog along, it is a good idea to check in with the municipality for the most recently updated dog policies on local beaches.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Accommodations that welcome Fido are easily found; that being said, make it a matter of your business practice to contact the hotel before actually showing up with your pet. Some have very specific restrictions with respect to the animal’s weight, size and also breed. For example, reigning supreme among the pet friendly places in California is the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. It welcomes pets for $30 per night, as long as the animals weigh less than 30 pounds and you are not bringing a Chowchow or guard dog.

The West Los Angeles Westwood charges $25 per night and a $100 cleaning fee, but it offers pet services, such as dog sitting, dog walking, and also available toys and bedding.

Taking Your Pet for a Night on the Town or Just to Lunch

Bringing Fido along when you enjoy an excellent meal at a California restaurant is usually frowned upon. Yet did you know that there are plenty of pet friendly places in California that will serve you a grand meal and perhaps a little something extra for your four legged buddy?

Dana Point has a number of wonderful places where you and your pet may enjoy the scenic view from the outdoor seating area and also take pleasure in a leisurely meal. Good examples include Beach Cities Pizza, Crab Cove and RJ’s Café. Not to be outdone, there are many other cities with eateries that offer similar pet friendly policies. Consider, for example, San Juan Capistrano where Café Mozart, Mollie’s Famous Café and also Pedro’s Tacos extend hospitality to four legged guests.

Blazing the Trail for More Pet Friendly Venues

There is always room for more pet friendly places in California. As a pet owner, you are the premier ambassador for changing policies and also encouraging businesses to welcome four legged companions. Certainly, as an advocate you need to ensure that your pet is an example and not the reason why “no pets” signs were put up in the first place!


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