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Phase Two of our Spring Cleaning Giveaway


I’m thrilled to say that we have 9 out of 10 of our prize winners claiming their prizes.  We only have one winner that has not stepped up to claim their prize, but we did also have two small snags that play out like this:

1.  We had one “winner” leave a comment claiming a prize, but they were not on the list as a winner so their comment was removed.

2. Keith left a comment claimingn the Pelikan Edelstein Amber, however it wasn’t until I combed through the spam comments that I found the comment so I removed it from the spam queue and introduced it into the approved queue where time stamp on it supplanted Stewart P’s request for the same prize.  With that said, Keith is the winner of the Pelikan Edelstien Amber since he met the rules and got his comment in before anyone else claimed the ink.

Unfortunately, Stewart P. unknowingly claimed the Pelikan Edelstien Amber that had been claimed already, so I feel bad that Stewart got the short end of that deal.  In order to make up for that technical snafu, I’m making the executive decision to award Stewart with the two prizes that have gone unclaimed which are the Field Notes Expedition and Field Notes Cold Horizon packs.

I was fully expecting more prizes to go unclaimed, and am genuinely both surprised and grateful that so many of the prizes were claimed.  In the past we have had plenty of prizes go unclaimed, so having 9 of 10 claimed in this instance is hugely gratifying to see because its always great knowing that I’m sending items to a good home where they will be used instead of sitting in a box or drawer here at my home.

  1. Yves Daschle – Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji
  2. Mark Tucker – EZGO Wallet
  3. Shelley – Moleskine Volant Mini
  4. Inna – Rhodia Ice Bloc
  5. Robert Mendelson – Monsieur Notebook
  6. Keith – Pelikan Edelstein Amber
  7. Bryan B – Field Notes Ambition
  8. Minta – Poppin Cashier Notebook
  9. Stewart P – Field Notes Cold Horizon and Field Notes Expedition journal packs

I’ll be sending emails to each of you to collect your full name and shipping information, or you can feel free to shoot us an email now with that information.

Thanks to everyone that participated and spread the word on this contest.  Hopefully there will be more like this to come, so stay tuned.  Also make sure you are signed up for our twice monthly giveaway so you can have a chance to win other great prizes twice each month.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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