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Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Is A New Trend Of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a special branch of photography which reflects the professional skill of a photographer. It engages the bride and the groom to capture their unforgettable moments of pre married to post married occasions. In the photographic languages, there are two broad styles in wedding photography i.e. the traditional style and the phtojournalistic style. The traditional wedding photography tends to be formal, with the emphasis on posed images. On the other hand, the photojournalistic wedding photography emphasizes on a documentary approach with little direction from the photographer. So it is also termed as reportage style wedding photography.

The photojournalist wedding photography needs a unique skill of a photographer whose strength is in capturing the moments. It is not only standing / sitting  in a certain corner of a room taking random head shots of smiling people or the random snapshots of anything or an automatically documentary photography or close up details of flowers / rings / place settings etc. Wedding photojournalism always tells a story using photography. It is nothing but a good photograph of themselves which expose an  individual stories and each photograph should contribute to the greater narrative of the wedding day. All the people should be shown in context interacting with each other and also with their surroundings. A photojournalistic photography is a shot such as how a media journalist photographer takes snaps of an event for images in a newspaper. On that occasion,  a professional photographer capture each and every action of the day being unnoticeable and this way the photographs are not staged or posed. He / She follows the bride and the groom and their guests throughout the wedding day, taking photographs of events as they unfold in order to tell the story of their wedding. Since, the people are not aware about the presence of the camera, thus all the events are photographed in a genuine and pure state. True emotions are caught and published using this style of wedding photography. Here, all the captured moments should be interesting and carefully observed by the photographer. Generally, the photos are taken with black and white film which captures the ‘storybook’ effect of this style and the emotions and expressions are recorded in well composed pictures.

Today the popularity of wedding photojournalism is going to touch the sky limit. Now a day, the wedding couples prefer the photojournalistic style instead of traditional approaches to capture the whole wedding day into a single frame. So, when a newly married couple look through an album of well executed documentary photography, it may bring back memories of their marriage day and those photos may remind them the moments they have forgotten or haven’t even noticed.

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