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Pick Up The Right Management System Dissertation Example To Avoid Any Difficulty

  • By Donna Santos
  • Published 03/14/2012
  • Article Writing

You have chosen a thesis title but you are afraid that it might get rejected… Is there any other way to know whether you have chosen a good research area or not? Yes there is… through management dissertation proposal… The thesis task is the first step towards your thesis. This type of writing helps the students in assessing their preparation for their final paper. After writing it the student can assess how much more hard work he has to do in order to achieve good grades in the final paper. Guide for writing the proposal: In this guide, I am going to tell you the components of this section: -Introduction -Problem statement -Main body/argument -Methodology -Bibliography Introduction: This is the introductory part. In this section you will introduce the audience to your topic. This is where you have to create interest in the audience. You have to give brief explanation about the topic, and then explain why you have chosen this topic, and your interest behind it. You introduction should relate with the research question you are going to mention in the next section. Do not discuss your data that you have collected in this section. Remember that you are only introducing the topic.

Problem statement: In this section you will state which problem of the subject

you are dealing with and which questions you are going to answer in your thesis. Explain why this research question is vital to you, and how it might help you in field of study later. Main body: This is the literature review. This is the lengthiest of all the section and the most difficult of all. In this section you have to give a brief summary of all the information you have gathered. You will tell the reader what previous investigations have already been conducted in this field. By reading this section, the committee will assess whether you are ready to move to the next step or not. Methodology: In this section you will discuss the research method you are going to use for your thesis, and why you think this research method is appropriate for your chosen topic. You will briefly describe your method and explain how you will use this method to research on your topic. Bibliography: Here you will list all the references that you will use in your thesis. It is important to cite each and every source of information.

A well-crafted proposal will make your thesis a piece of cake. It will serve as a sample for you and you can refer to it whenever you are confused. Moreover, it will tell you whether you are ready for the final challenge or not. Check out a tutorial guide for picking up management system dissertation samples that are great for dissertation writing.


I am a senior research writer.

by Donna Santos



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