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Picopad Wallet Notes Mini Notepad and Pen Review


Picopad Wallet Notes in the palm of your hand

This mini notepad and pen, The Picopad Wallet Notes by Everyday Innovations has to be one of the smallest (3.4″ x 2.1″) notebooks Ive ever seen, and as hard as it may be to believe, it even has a pen tucked away inside of it…this is definitely one of the more unique office supplies Ive written about so far.  This is another product that was supplied to me by Alan at Everyday Innovations after having met him at the Stationery Show in NYC.


Picopad Wallet Notes (top blue) and the Moleskine Volant Mini (bottom black)

The first thing I thought of when I saw the Picopad on the Everyday Innovations website was that it might be an interesting replacement for the Moleskine Volant Mini that I carry in my pocket every day, or that it would be a good item for the folks in the Every Day Carry (or  EDC) crowd.  The picture above is a great comparison to show you just how much smaller this mini notepad is than the Moleskine Volant, and although I couldnt get a good photo to show it, the Picopad is even slightly thinner than the Volant.  With all of that said, its still amazing to me that this thing even has a functioning mini pen stored inside of it.


Inside look at the tiny Picopad Wallet Notes with pen

When you flip open the Picopad Wallet Notes, you can see how the pen is tucked away in the back of the notebook where the cover folds over.  Its held under a slit in the seam that it just slides right under, its a little bit on the tight side, but not too bad…it needs to be somewhat tight so that it does not slide out.


Nope, thats not a dragon fly, its the Picopad pen

The one thing about the Picopad Wallet Notes mini notepad that had me a bit skeptical was the pen, I mean it is essentially a mini ballpoint pen refill without any pen body to live inside of.  In place of a body, this pen has what looks like a set of wings that you hold onto when you write with it.  Surprisingly enough these flexible wings make this pen really manageable to write with.  I didnt have any problems being able to write legibly with the pen, I do wish it was slightly longer so it would rest a little better against the area between my thumb and index finger while I am writing with it.  You definitely wouldnt want to use this pen to write a lengthy novel, but being that it is paired up with a tiny notebook, that should give you the indication that it is only really for short quick notes.

Picopad Wallet Notes Summary

Because the paper inside of this notebook is a pad of sticky notes, it is easy to refill them once you have used them all up.  If you plan on using the notes in here to stick on some surface, you do need to be careful in how you peel them off because if you remove them from the pad at a tight angle, it creates a sort of curl in the paper that makes it come up a little bit when you affix it to a new surface.

This is a really awesome little notebook, so if you need a mini notepad that you can carry every day, or just be able to tuck away in a pocket, purse, or other small area, The Picopad Wallet Notes is something that you should definitely check out.

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