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Pilot Bottle to Pen (B2P) Recycled Water Bottle Pen Review


The Pilot B2P Water Bottle Pen

These new earth friendly pens from Pilot called the Bottle to Pen (B2P) get their interesting name because they are made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  Seems like a cool idea from Pilot to be earth friendly, so I thought I’d pick some of them up to take a closer look at and share with you.


Pilot B2P Water Bottle Pen Close up

The Pilot Bottle to Pen, or Pilot B2P obviously takes its design from the plastic bottles that they are made from.  Each one is a translucent aqua color, and has the characteristic wavy lines that circle its body, which help to provide a little bit of grip.  There is also a Pilot B2P logo printed on a label that is very reminiscent of the label that you would find wrapped around a water bottle.  The biggest difference between the B2P and a water bottle (besides ink and water) is that the pen body is thankfully much thicker than a water bottle, so you can’t squeeze the pen tight enough to crush it.


Pilot B2P Water Bottle Pen Parts

Not much out of the ordinary when you take apart the B2P, as you can see from the photo above.  Curiously enough, when I received these, most of the plastic tips that screw on were slightly loose.  After having manually tightened them myself, I have not noticed them working their way loose again, so it must have just been a production issue.

My only real issue with the Pilot B2P recycled water bottle pen is that the ink cartridge is that of the Pilot G2 (link to my review and writing sample) which I’ve previously made my not so good feelings known about.  Considering these are at least putting some gargantuan piles of plastic waste to good re-use, I can’t complain about them too much.  Overall their balance and grip are great, and if you like the G2, then this is a great alternative to that so you can be a bit more earth friendly.  I will also note though that the pen does seem a slight bit noisy when writing due to some of the parts like the plunger rattling around slightly.

On a positive note, since these take the standard G2 refills, you can load up with any of the sizes or colors of the G2 that you like, and the Pilot G2 refills are usually pretty easy to come by, even at your local grocery store or even some hotel gift shops.

Also, since I picked up the box of 12 of the Pilot B2P, I’ve got plenty, so I will be adding these to the assortment of office supplies included in the monthly giveaway and news letter that you should go sign up for. 😉

Note January 2, 2012:  The giveaway has since been significantly improved since the time of this review, and no longer includes these, but click the link above and check out the cool new stuff that you can win instead.

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