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Pilot Drawing Pen Review


Alex from Economy Pens was kind enough to send over this great guest review of the Pilot Drwaing pen.

Browsing through the ‘Felt Tip Marker’ category on JetPens, I came across this, the Pilot Drawing Pen. I haven’t heard too much discussion about this pen, so I decided to add it to my cart in hopes that it would be a new favorite. Sadly, this will go in the kitchen pen cup and will not hold a coveted position in my pen case. Allow me to explain… er, rather, take a look at the written review.



As far as comfort goes, I noticed how much more comfortable the Sakura and Copic pens were when I did the comparison. There was considerable relief at switching to something besides the Pilot Drawing Pen, and that is a huge issue in terms of design and ergonomics.

I had also mentioned that I didn’t like the design of the pen because of how busy it is. I just think the elements on the pen clash too much. I do not typically dock points from a pen simply for appearance, but I just don’t find this one appealing.


This image is different than the first image. This is the other side of the pen, which has even more business going on.


And here is the point which, again, was great. I think the size is perfect, and I really enjoyed the way the pen wrote.


And here is the other side. Like other felt tip pens/markers, the cap indicates the size of the tip, which is great if you have several, as many artists do.

At under $3.00 (U.S.), the financial sacrifice is pretty minimal if you want to give this one a try, which you should do if you want to compare it to similar pens. Overall, I prefer comparable pens over this, mostly due to concerns with comfort. If you’re going to be doing detailed work, you will want something that you can hold firmly, something that won’t hurt your hand and cause cramps. I love Pilot products, as I am sure most of us do, but this one is not for me.

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