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Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen Extra Fine


The Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen

The Pilot Envelope Address Writing Pen (From JetPens) sounded kind of like a strange idea to me at first when I read about it over at The Pen Addict, but now that I had the chance to pick one up from JetPens, I have a little bit of a different opinion.


Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen Tip

The version I picked up was the Extra Fine, and although I seems to write a tiny bit thicker than I thought it would, it’s still pretty fantastic.  The line is really quite dark, and the pen doesn’t even think about skipping while it lays down its super smooth line.  I tried it out on a few different envelopes, including one that was made 100% of bubble wrap, so it was a bit of a slick surface, but surprisingly it still wrote with a nice bold line, and didn’t smear.  After the experience with the bubble wrap, I also tried it out to see if it would work on the signature panel of a credit card, and as long as you write slow with it, it works really well.


Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen Writing Sample

Now although the Pilot Envelope Address Writing Pen is not designed for every day writing, I still couldn’t help but try it out on my Black n Red Notebook.  Again, the writing experience was fantastic, it writes with a bold black ink that is super smooth and doesn’t skip.  This might even be a good pen for some of you left-handed writers to try out.

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