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Pilot G2 .38mm Ultra Fine Refills Reviewed


Pilot G2 .38mm Ultra Fine Refills

In the past I’ve written plenty about how I don’t think the Pilot G2 is deserving of all the praise and popularity that it gets.  In this review of the Pilot G2, I show some writing samples that clarify exactly why I’ve felt that way.  As a result of those comments and reviews, many of you have told me that I should try out the .38mm Ultra Fine Pilot G2 Refills because they wrote much better.  With that in mind we are looking at the Pilot G2 .38mm refill today.


Pilot G2 .38mm Ultra Fine Writing Sample

Surprise! The Pilot G2 .38mm refill actually IS good

I was pretty reluctant to try the Pilot G2 .38mm refill due to my constant disappointment with the line of G2 ink.  I really did not have such high hopes when I started out with this refill review.  To my surprise the pen wrote fantastic in the smaller tip.  I should have listened to all of the great readers here that kept suggesting this version of the refill.  As you can see from the scan above, the Pilot G2 .38mm refill has none of the feathering, skipping, or splotching issues that the .7mm and .5mm versions have.  For the sake of consistency I made sure to use the same Black n’ Red notebook for this writing sample as I had used for previous G2 reviews.


Pilot G6 with .38mm Ultra Fine Refill

Because I like the Pilot G6 body better, I’ve added the .38mm refill in to my old G6 body.  To me the grip has been a little more comfortable and I like the  feel of the bigger body.  While I’m relieved to see that there is actually a good version of the Pilot G2 available it is also a bit disappointing to know that they just cant get the same quality writing experience out of the other wider versions.

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