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Pilot G2 Is Orange Better? A comparison


Pilot G2 Orange .7mm

If you have seen any of the other posts here about the ever popular Pilot G2 pen, you will know that the thing is kind of a mystery to me, and certainly is not one of my favorite pens.  When presented with the opportunity to get some new pens for review from our friends at Jetpens, I coudln’t help but see if the Orange Pilot G2 might offer


Here is the Pilot G2 Writing Sample in a Black n’ Red Notebook

Above is a photo of a writing sample with a regular black Pilot G2 from a previous review that shows the horrible skipping blotching and general poor performance of the pen…now mind you, this is NOT the writing sample of the orange G2 that we are looking at here.


Pilot G2 Orange 7mm Writing Sample

Now above is the actual writing sample of the orange G2 and its worlds apart from the hit or miss garbage that is typically spewn (spewed? I have no idea if either is a word) from the tip of a regular G2.  There is no skipping, there are no blotches, no rouge feathering sprouts of ink on the page.  The only thing that was slightly not good about this version was they drying time, it clocked in at about 4 seconds, which isnt great, but it certainly isnt all that bad either.   The Pilot G2 really does remain a mystery to me, I really hate the standard version, but I reluctantly admit that this Orange Pilot G2 is a great pen to write with, and with my love for all things orange its a total winner for me, but it has me wondering if any of the other colors of the G2 write this well?  You know I’ll probably be picking up some more to find out soon.  In the mean time though, thanks to Jetpens for supplying this Orange Pilot G2 for the review.

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