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Pilot G6 Is Bigger Better?


Pilot G6 and Pilot G2 Comparison

The Pilot G6 (bottom) and Pilot G2 (top) Comparison

So bigger is better, right?  Well….if you wan the short and quick answer so you don’t have to read the rest of this post, then no it is definitely not better.  If you care to know why, I will indulge you with my thoughts on the Pilot G6 Gel Ink Pen and why I was an idiot for even buying it in the first place.



Pilot G6 and G2 Side by Side

Pilot G6 and G2 Side by Side

There are a few major differences between the Pilot G6 and the Pilot G2:

  • The first and most noticeable difference is that the G6 has a much chubbier body than the G2, and that body also has a little more rubber covering it so that the body is not completely see through.  I’m actually a big fan of covering up as much of the body on the Pilot G series of pens just because as I’ve mentioned before, I find that horrid golden yellow gel at the top of the ink cartridge to be quite ugly to look at.
  • The clip on the G6 does not have that strange round ball that seems to be dripping or melting down the side of the body.
  • The grip on the G6 is actually much more tapered with a lip that flares out making it much more comfortable to write with.

Unfortunately those benefits really don’t make up for thee fact that buried inside the chubby body of the G6 is the same inconsistent writing G2 gel ink refill.  If you have no seen it, I’ve reviewed the Pilot G2 before and its an understatement to say that I don’t like it, nor do I understand why so many people do.  The writing sample below should give you some insight as to what I consider to be issues with the G2 writing experience, notice all of the red marks where I point out issues with it…you can click on the picture for a closer look.  Basically you get lots of feathering, skipping, and strange blobs that jut out from your writing.

Pilot G2 Writing Sample

Here is the Pilot G2 Writing Sample in a Black n’ Red Notebook

Shockingly I did have one….yes ONE good experience with a G2 as you can see here:

Pilot G2 Writing Sample

Pilot G2 Writing Sample – Shockingly Good for Once

As I said before, I was dumb for buying this pen and expecting anything different…other than the fact that the bigger body was actually more comfortable to write with.  Maybe I have learned my lesson and this is the last time I will post and write about the G2 unless they change something about the actual ink….although I’ve been told that the .38mm version of the G2 refill is much more reliable, maybe I’ll try that in the big fat Pilot G6 body and see if that works out any better, but I’m not holding my breath.




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