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Pilot Hello Kitty Cap Limited Edition HiTecC Gel Ink Pen 0.4 mm Clear Blue


Hello Kitty displaying the Limited Edition Pilot Hi-Tec-C .4mm Clear Blue Gel Pen

JetPens.com was offering this pen up for reviewers to write about, so I took the opportunity to be able to try one out.  Thanks to Lily at JetPens for sending this over to me to try.  It is important to note that this is only one pen from a 9 color set that includes black, green, pink, aqua blue, orange, clear blue, baby pink, apricot orange, and red.  The pen reviewed here is the clear blue.  The whole set is available from JetPens for $30.00 which automatically qualifies you for their free shipping on any order over $25.00.  They also offer the same set in a .3mm version here for $30.00.

I feel like you can probably find ANYTHING branded with Sanrio and Hello Kitty, if you look at Amazon.com there are literally thousands of Hello Kitty items available there. With that said, I guess it should be no surprise that you can get some pretty popular office supplies such as pens like these with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters on them.


Limited Edition Hello Kitty Pilot Hi-Tec-C with the Hello Kitty mouse charm removed.

The above picture shows the pen with the Hello Kitty charm (in this case it is a mouse character) removed and laying in the Rhodia notebook with the pen over there to the left.  It is pretty easy to remove the charm and put it back on, and it feels pretty sturdy and solid when doing so…I dont get the impression that it would break very easily.  The charms are interchangeable, so if you have a favorite one you can put it on the cap of your favorite Hi-Tec-C pen, although you might run into some charm/pen color combination that you dont like.


Pilot Hi-Tec-C limited edition hello kitty gel ink pen .4mm writing sample in a Rhodia notebook.

The two most noticeable characteristics about this pen (excluding the Sanrio Hello Kitty charms) are the very fine point, and the unique color. When you look at the point, it looks like a needle, which might lead you to believe that it is fragile or that you would have to be delicate when writing with it. Now I wouldnt suggest that you press as hard as you can with the pen, but I will say that at varying pressures I never once felt as if I was going to bend or snap the point. Regardless of looks, the points seem to be very sturdy, even for a heavy handed writer.  The color of this pen, which is the clear blue is really nice, I was initially afraid that it might be a faint color that was hard to read and strained the eyes, but to the contrary it is very bright and easy to read.

Writing with this pen is very smooth.  Sometimes with a point this fine, people worry that there is a noticeable drag or scratching when the pen moves across the paper, but that definitely is not the case when I tested this on the Rhodia, Levenger, Moleskine and Doane papers.  In addition to writing smoothly, the pen has a nice balance to it when capped, and the plastic ridges on the grip keep the pen from sliding between your fingers when writing.  I was surprised to see that not only does the cap of the pen snap into place when you close it, but also when you  post the cap on the back.  I guess this was surprising to me just because of the length of the cap and how deeply it sets itself onto the body of the pen.

Overall this is a really nice pen to write with in terms of smoothness, and comfort in the hand.  The color of the ink is also very pleasing as a slight alternative to your standard dark blue that can get old pretty quick if you do a lot of writing.  Also, you might look at the price for the set and think that $30 is a bit much for a set of pens, but for pens of this quality I think the price is just right since they only work out to about $.30 extra per pen as compared to buying the individual pens that dont have Hello Kitty charms on them.  These would make a wonderful gift for any Hello Kitty fan in my opinion.

Thanks again to JetPens for the sample, I will be putting this up in my next giveaway, so if you like it, keep your eye out.  If you just like the regular Hi-Tec-C pens and refills, JetPens also has those here in multiple versions, colors and sizes.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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