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Pilot Pencase Bookband Review


Pilot Pencase Bookband Package

A few months back I picked up this Pilot Pencase Bookband from our friends over at JetPens, and I kept putting off the review because I had other items I wanted to get to first.  It appears that I may have waited a bit too long though as it looks like this item is no longer available.


Pilot Pencase Bookband Back

When purchased, this was available in several different color combinations, but for some reason I grabbed the one that came in the Joker style color theme of lime green and purple.  In terms of the size, the Pilot Pencase Bookband is about 1.75″ wide and 6.25″ long, with the adjustable elastic strap itself is about .75″ wide.  On the front you will also notice that there is a green section on the bottom, which is actually a pocket that is just shy of 2″ deep.  Unfortunately it would be difficult to keep much in there because it is pretty tight, especially once you put a pen in the upper portion where it belongs.


Pilot Pencase Bookband on Small Notebook

The Pilot Pencase Bookband fits nicely on the hard cover of our recently reviewed Baron Fig Confidant Notebook which measures 7.75″ high.  The elastic strap does a good job of keeping the pen case held firmly onto the cover.  It is important to note though that the adjustable buckles that are on the backside of the elastic band do create some thickness that prevents the cover from closing completely.  This issue is magnified if you want to slide the pen case all the way to the left towards the binding of the notebook.  If you slide if all the way over there, then the cover really wont close, so the outside edge of the cover is the only practical place you can use it.


Pilot Pencase Bookband on Large Notebook

The downside that we just mentioned of having the buckles on the back of the elastic strap allow for the flexibility that you see demonstrated here in allowing the pen case to be used on a larger notebook cover as well.  In this picture the Pilot Pencase Bookband is strapped onto the front cover of a large Doane Paper Idea Pad which measures 10.875″ high.  Overall the flexibility of being able to fit on different size notebook covers is great, and the case does hold to covers quite well.  Unfortunately the flexibility that the buckles provide in allowing this to fit on different size notebooks is also its downfall since they don’t allow the notebook to close completely flat.

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