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Pilot Petit Series of Pens: Fountain, Sign, Fude


The Pilot Petit Series Tips

The nice folks over at JetPens sent me over the series of Pilot Petit pens recently and I was initially a bit slow in trying them out but I’m glad I finally did so.  I’ve used the fountain pen version before, but the other two were new to me for this review.


Pilot Pilot Petit Series Bodies

So the Pilot Petit series consists of the Petit1 which is the fountain pen, the Petit2 which is the sign pen and the Petit3 which is the fude pen.  Most of you are familiar with fountain pens, so let me touch on the sign pen and fude pen for a minute.  The sign pen is most similar to a Sharpie pen or a porous point pen.  It has a hard tip that the ink saturates and it leaves a consistent fairly wide line behind.  The fude pen is almost like writing with the tip of a brush.  Depending on the pressure you put on it, it can leave an incredibly fine line, or a very thick line.


Pilot Petit Series Refills. Refill is on the Right, the Pen Section is on the Left.

The beauty of these pens is that they are all identical except for their points, or nibs, and this also means that they can all use the same Pilot Petit refills that come in various colors.  The refills are super easy to install, they just pop right in, and of the three I tested, I dont think any of them took longer than about 60 seconds for the ink to fill to the point where you could start writing with them.


Pilot Petit Series Ink Filling

The fountain pen version of the Petit series sucked up the ink almost instantly after I put the cartridge, so I didnt get a picture of that.  The other two pens, the sign pen and the fude pen filled a bit more slowly so here is  a picture of that.  If you click on the picture for the larger version, you can see the ink seeping in.


Pilot Petit Series Writing Sample

My favorite version in the series is the fude which is what you see at the bottom of the large writing sample above.  It is really amazing that this was all done with one pen.  It takes some getting used to, but you can really create some drastic differences in the width of the line when you learn to control the pressure that you exert when writing with it.  I’m still working on getting better at it, but it certainly isn’t hard.  I’m just not very artistic, nor do I have the best handwriting.

I think these Pilot Petit series pens are a great way for the novice to try out some pens that they might not normally use.  The price and the flexibility of the ink filling system make them a very low risk purchase and provide any writer or artist with great versatility.  Thanks again to the folks at JetPens for sending these over!  I almost forgot to mention that over at the No Pen Intended blog, they did a great review of this series as well, with lots of great pictures and art work.

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