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Pilot Precise Grip Review


I’ve always been a fan of the Pilot Precise line of pens for as long as I can remember.  I’m pretty sure I had several of them that I used in grade school decades ago, however I don’t recall ever using this “GRIP” version.  I’m sure they are probably available in most of the usual places, however like just about everything I buy, I grabbed these here via Amazon, where they also have several other options as well as additional colors available.


The body and cap of the Pilot Precise Grip is almost completely plastic.  The only part that isn’t plastic is the metal clip on the cap.  Each of the pens measure 5.5 inches long when capped, 5 inches with no cap, and 6.125 inches with the cap posted.  Overall I found them the perfect size to write with when the cap is posted.  It also provides for a nice balance and comfortable feel in the hand while writing.


The only other part of the pen that isn’t plastic is revealed once you remove the cap.  The grip section of the Pilot Precise Grip is a semi-hard rubber material that provides a great deal of grip compared to other versions of this pen that just have a plastic section.  While we are looking at the pen with the cap off, I can say that the cap does post very nicely.  It goes on firmly and to a depth that ensures it isn’t going to fall off or rattle any.

Pilot Precise Grip Writing Sample:


Just like its counterparts, the Pilot Precise Grip is a fantastic writing pen.  The colors are bold and they never skip, bleed, or show through on this paper in my Black n’ Red notebook.  The only thing of note was that I did see that for some reason the green ink was much slower to dry as compared to the other colors.  Red, blue, and black all dried within 2-3 seconds, but the green took a full 6 seconds to dry.  There really isn’t anything bad I have ever experienced with the Pilot Precise line, and this Grip version is now added to that list.  I can’t recommend these enough for a solid every day pen with great performance.  As I said before, Amazon is the easiest, so grab some for yourself here.

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