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Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen Extra Fine Evnironmentally Friendly Pen


Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen

The Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen pen in this review was generously sent to me by dunkind who writes the Good Pens Blog which always has a ton of great pen reviews, so make sure you go check it out.  His review of this pen can be found here.

When I first got this Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen in the mail, my immediate instinct was to compare it to a much older version of the PIlot Precise V5 that I’ve had for years.  I wanted to compare the way they wrote to see if there was any difference between this one and the older version.  To my surprise there was absolutely no difference in the way that these write, they are both incredibly smooth, especially for a pen with such a fine point.  I also looked around to see what other people had to say about the Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen, and found an old review from The Pen Addict before he moved his site over to the new version. One thing that he had to say which I did notice is that the older version of this pen does seem to have a slightly thinner tip.


Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen Writing Sample

The writing sample for the Pilot Precise V5 BeGreen is pretty straight forward because writing with this pen is very smooth and there is no bleeding or feathering that I experienced.  The paper used in this writing sample is the paper from my review right before this, the Miquelrius graph paper notebook.

It seems as if this Pilot Precise BeGreen is easy enough to come across at any of your usual office supply stores and also can be found
here on Amazon.com and also here at JetPens.com where they offer multiple colors and the refills.  Overall I think these are really good pens, and they will continue to be a pen that I make sure to always have on hand.

On a side note, there is one thing that I would like to see changed about refillable pens in general and that is the way that they are sold.  I think it is a step in the right direction that companies are being more green, but I dont think that simply offering a refill is going as far as they can.  I never understood why instead of offering 24 packs of pens like this, they dont offer something more along the lines of a 6 pack with 18 refills, or a 2 pack with 4 refills.  I know that the office supply cabinet where I work has a variety of pens, some of which are refillable, however there are almost never refills ordered, and I have a suspicion that this is the case in many places.  If companies would start to package pens in a way that encourages the user to actually use the refills because they are there, I think it would go a long way in reducing waste.

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