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Pilot Precise V5 Pink Purple and Turquoise

I’ve always been a big fan of the Pilot Precise line of pens going back to grade school, however I kept forgetting to grab a pack with some of the additional colors you see above.  Its easy to be happy about the great writing performance of the black, blue, red, and green versions of these pens that are readily available everywhere.  Whats not so common though are the Pilot Precise V5 pens in pink, purple, and turquoise (via Amazon).

I wish I would have done this review closer to Easter, because every time I see these three Pilot Precise V5 pens in pink, purple, and turquoise all I can think about is the Easter holiday for some reason.  With that said though, these are very vibrant colors and the performance is exactly the same as the standard color of these pens.  For some reason though these are not available in the Precise V7 tip size.

Pilot Precise V5 Pink Purple and Turquoise Writing Sample

The things I’ve always loved about the Pilot Precise V5 in the standard colors is how vibrant the ink is, how smooth the writing experience is, and how they seem to literally never skip.  Fortunately after a few days of writing with them, I can confidently say that the Pilot Precise V5 Pink Purple and Turquoise versions all live up to those same expectations.  My only minor issue is that I feel like the pink has a little more of a reddish purple tone to it, but in all honesty I’ve never grabbed for a pink pen and demanded that it be pure pink, so this one gets a pass.


So if there was one SUPER important thing to point out about the Pilot Precise V5 Pink Purple and Turquoise, its the pricing.  Although its technically less expensive to buy the above pictured 3 pack if you want just these three colors (via Amazon) its actually a bad idea to do so.  It will cost you $11.25 for the 3 pack, which comes out to $3.75 per pen.  The 7 pack that also comes with a red, green, blue, and black pen is slightly more expensive for the whole thing at $12.52 (also via Amazon), its actually significantly cheaper on a per pen basis at only $1.79 per pen.  Obviously if you don’t want the additional standard colors you are better off with the 3 pack, but I opted for the 7 pack because you cant go wrong having these extra pens on hand.

Check out the Pilot Precise V5 Pink Purple and Turquoise because if you want some additional color options in these great pens, this is a fantastic way to go.  Just be aware of the strange pricing situation and know that you are probably better off opting for the 7 Pack from Amazon here.

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