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Pilot Precise V5 RT Liquid Ink Pen Review


Pilot Precise V5 RT Assorted Colors

I’ve always been a fan of the Pilot Precise line of pens, and these Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Liquid Ink Pen (from Amazon) are the first ones I have bought in a long time because they always seem to last for such a long time.  I was reminded of them by @Speedmaster who writes the fantastic blog, Amateur Economist which is full of interesting news about watches, pens, economics, mens fashion, and other great stuff, its kind of like GQ Magazine, but better…a must read if you want to be well-informed about interesting things.


The Sleek and Modern Looking Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Pen

Having already been a big fan of this line of pens from Pilot, I was excited to see the nice new design of the Pilot Precise V5 RT which also kept some of the same styling elements of the older version. It has great visual appeal with its smooth shiny clip, and vibrant body colors that match to the color of the ink.  The lettering and graphics on the body of the pen along with its design somehow seem to convey a message of speed, it could be the italic font and “swoosh” marks that go up the barrel of the pen, but whatever it is, it just makes for a really cool looking pen.


The Pilot Precise V5 RT Comes with a Very Soft and Comfortable Grip

A close look at the tip and grip section of this pen are in order for two reasons.  First, the tip is the main design element that reminds me of all the older Pilot Precise V5 and V7 pens that I have enjoyed in the past.  It has that stacked series of discs or fins that I’ve always thought just looked really cool, and will always associate with the Pilot brand.  The grip of the pen is very simple, yet very effective.  It has a smooth rubbery feel with some subtle dimples in it that are more frequent as you travel down the length of the grip.  It is super comfortable to hold and write with, and with the rest of the pen feeling very balanced in your hand, I’m pretty sure that this is one pen that you wont get tired from writing with.


The Pilot Precise V5 Refill in Red

Now that we know that the Pilot Precise V5 RT not only looks cool, but is comfortable to write with, it also is refillable.  In the past when I’ve used the regular Pilot Precise Stick, I was seriously impressed with the longevity of the ink, although those versions are not refillable.  I think that those versions will probably last longer than this one because their bodies are entirely filled with a ton of ink, while these refill cartridges look like they have a slightly smaller capacity.


Pilot Precise V5 RT Writing Sample on Levenger Paper

Writing with this pen was, and is an absolutely great experience.  They put down a very smooth line and seem to glide across the paper, while leaving a bright line that dries almost instantly.  The line doesn’t seem to spread, smear, feather, or bleed on the Levenger Circa paper that I used, and it preformed quite well on a few other papers that I used during the course of trying out these pens.  The fantastic looks, the comfortable grip, and the superb writing experience with the newer retractable version of these Pilot Precise V5 pens reminded me again why these are such awesome pens, and why they should be one of the top go to pens when you are looking for a dependable every day work horse.  Oh, and also, the Pilot Precise V5 RT (also available in a V7 wider tip) is airplane safe, a claim I have not had a chance to test yet, but I will be traveling later this month and will be sure to test it out and report back.  Check out the Pilot Precise V5 for yourself on Amazon, you wont regret it.  You can also grab Pilot Precise V5 Refills if you want, they arent easy to find, but here is a link.

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